Rustic Perth Wedding
May 13, 2014
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This is one of those weddings that is equal parts crazy fun and crazy beautiful.  The kind of affair where all of your friends and family celebrate late into the night, wishing there were just a few more hours left in the evening, even as their feet hurt from dancing and their voices are lost from singing along too loudly to the music.  In other words, it's an epic event, all captured beautifully by Hello Tomorrow Wedding Films.  Click play to soak it all in. 
From Hello Tomorrow Wedding Films... This was a once in a lifetime trip that we’ll never forget for two reasons:

Reason #1: The Wedding.  During the months leading up to the wedding, we heard murmurings from Matt and Honni of what to expect and each day it seemed to be getting more and more epic (I usually don’t like using the word epic, but it truly is warranted in this case). From the breathtaking location of Yallingup (a few hours south of Perth), to the reception Tee Pee’s, and even a magical forest, we knew this was going to be unforgettable.

Reason #2: The People.  We were (and still are) absolutely blown away by the amazing warmth and love that came from both the bride and grooms’ close friends and family. We have never felt so welcomed into a group of people so quickly. As cliche as it sounds, the second we landed in Perth we felt like we’d known everyone for years. They welcomed us into their homes, moved out of their bedrooms for us and drove us around town to see all the sites and all their favorite places.
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