Chicago Fall Wedding Film
May 13, 2014
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If I wasn't here in Boston, I'd be living in Chicago. No question about it. It's one of my favorite cities in the whole, wide world and thanks to this wedding from Foster Light Studios, I'm virtually escaping there this morning. Set in the Lincoln Park Zoo's Cafe Bauer, there's no question you'll want in on this Windy City love. Press "play" to get started!
From Foster Light Studios... There is a delight in crafting a film for an art director and creative strategist. Every detail of the wedding was particularly chosen for its character, color, texture, and shape. Shawn Jung, an art director at Jim Beam, and Stephen Vallera, a creative strategist at Facebook, had a gorgeous fall wedding at Lincoln Park's Cafe Brauer.

Greens and browns covered the interior and matched the colors of the building. Rustic browns of Jim Bean casks gave rich texture to an already deep fall time. Speckled candle holders and painted old wine bottles gave the whole wedding an immersive spirit.

Capturing the subtle plays of light, textures, and hands was a priority. The delicate details, soft light, and genuine vows gave rich ethos to the elegantly rustic design. The music had to complement the care that was put into the design. Blake Ewing provided the first and last track that was delicate, melodic, and constantly romantic.

A beautiful fall wedding with the design matched only by the genuine love.