Whimsical English Castle Wedding
May 8, 2014
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This wedding from Polly Alexandre is straight out of a fairytale and I'm charmed beyond words. Every single image is a portrait of pretty, from the bride's stunning Vera Wang dress to the immense beauty of Highcliffe Castle and everything in between. See it all in motion with Wedding Memories sweet film.
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From the Photographer, Polly Alexandre"I love him because he is pure heart" -Ying, about her husband Hong. Ying and Hong are both from China, but actually met in the UK, when they were at university, on the same course. Such a bond this pair have they have both worked and lived together….not that anyone at the company where they work guessed they were a couple…they kept their relationship a such a secret the first many knew was when the two colleagues announced they were getting married!

We started the day with a first look on a local beach, with portraits on the beach of the couple looking out to sea, which was Ying's dream. It was also Ying’s dream to play violin at her own wedding in an English castle, and that set the scene for their wedding plans. The beautiful setting of Highcliffe Castle in Dorset was the location for this fairytale wedding that Ying dreamed of…and her violin teacher, Terry, came along to play a specially chosen piece with her during the wedding breakfast. Alongside this beautiful hearttouching perfomance, they watched a beautiful animation about their love story and listened to funny and touching speeches. Ying was adamant that she would have wedding photographs on the beach… what might not be obvious from these pictures is that this was actually March, in England. And when I arrived at the venue the hail was so bad we couldn’t actually get out of the car.

The weather however, like all good love stories, had a happy ending. From hail to rain, from rain to cloud, and from cloud to glorious sunshine…all on the one day. By the time Ying and Hong were pronounced husband and wife, the skies were blue and the sun was shining. They are the sweetest couple and it was an absolute pleasure to photograph their day.

From the beautiful Bride… Looking at all my pictures relives our perfect day every time and we are so grateful to have such a perfect wedding filled with love and bliss. Looking back on our wedding, we didn’t follow too many wedding traditions so closely, and the only thing we did was to give our wedding a soul and stamp it with our personality.

Highcliffe Castle reminds us of a fairy-tale story, hence we didn’t hesitate to decide on where to hold our wedding. When we first saw Highcliffe Castle, we both felt it was the one, this magnificent & romantic building on a cliff-top site, overlooking Christchurch Bay.

I was eager to bring all the essentials we loved and wished for together. Somehow I managed to incorporate all the elements in one epic celebration, my dearest parents and friends, an elegant old castle, a Vera Wang wedding gown, a vintage wedding car, my favourite songs, my favourite photographer, hair stylist, make-up artist, a beach wedding shoot, my violin performance with my dearest friend Terry, our love story video made from sand pictures. Our wedding had so many fresh, vibrant and intimate aspects to it!

We were so lucky to find the most fabulous photographer Polly Alexandre. I adored her from the first time when I saw her work on her website. She is such a talented person and was amazing to work with. The elated emotions and sweet moments captured in her stunning pictures can depict every emotion we were feeling on that day.

Thanks to my talented mum! She brought me every little special thing from China to give my wedding a perfect touch; the cutest teddy candy bags, a traditional Chinese umbrella, gorgeous hair accessories, and she even designed my wedding invitation cards herself!

My advice to give future brides is to follow your heart and you will be brave and creative with ultimate passion. Don’t pressure yourself too much, for not everything will go perfect and it’s the mistakes that happen that will make you laugh and remember that moment. Like us... we didn’t dance as perfectly as we were supposed, but we really enjoyed the natural and heartfelt moments we spent together!

I have to admit it was a stressful process, however it was so fun and worthwhile. Our wedding is our far best day we’ve never had. Hong and I cherished every minute at our wedding and it was truly a dream come true!