Modern Blush Pink Wedding
May 6, 2014
Tri State
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We see blush pink weddings quite often on the pages of SMP, but this modern affair give the popular color palette a completely fresh spin. Think the perfect union of sleek + streamlined and soft + feminine, all made possible by A-team vendors like Designs By AhnRemixologistsCLY Creation and Fred Lee. Have a peek in the gallery and don't miss the film waiting down below!
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From the Bride... To celebrate our first anniversary as a married couple, I thought it would be meaningful to dedicate a post to my husband. As this blog was a huge source of inspiration for us, I thought this would be the perfect outlet to show my appreciation to him for being able to carry out the vision I had for our special day.

Initially, as a bride, I was overwhelmed with the amount of choices and felt that I wasn't able to have a sense of an overall theme for the wedding. It started out as a process of elimination, as I came to realize more of what I didn't want. In terms of choosing a theme, prior to being engaged I always thought I was so confident in what I wanted. Yet, I came to realize that my choice of rustic flowers didn't tie in with our modern venue, and although there were many individual designs I had in mind, it didn't necessarily mean it all tied in together.

Ultimately, our venue was our biggest dilemma and although I had envisioned it to be in NYC we needed it to be in NJ where it would be closer to our church. Our options felt limited and frankly, the ones that were a realistic possibility felt a bit outdated and gaudy. I almost lost all hope in finding a venue until my husband told me he had found a place that was close to the city, yet still within distance to our church. I always wondered how a bride was to know when she found "the one" in terms of venue, dress, etc., and I can say with certainty that as soon as we saw our venue, there was no point in looking any further. The Maritime Parc is a newly built space located on Liberty State Park where the greenery of NJ is set against the backdrop of the city skyline. The interior of the building reminded us of the Guggenheim Museum, which we thought was appropriate as my husband proposed to me at MOMA, where we had our first date. This venue also was a clean, blank canvas where we could really tailor it to what we wanted.

Thankfully, I had my husband's guidance and practicality in terms of not getting too emotionally involved in the endless decisions. In the end, it was he who ended up choosing the bridesmaid dress, flowers, many of the vendors, etc. Once we established that he had the better judgment, I focused my efforts in making our wedding more meaningful by involving and enlisting help from our close friends and family. My college roommate who majored in opera sang for our dance while another friend took our engagement pictures. Not only that, but with huge help from friends, we made a video to surprise my husband during the reception. I had filmed scenes at our college campus and all the places that meant something to us in the city of Boston where we first met. (Who knew a 5 minute video would be such a labor of love?)

The night before our wedding, my husband and I promised each other that whatever hiccups we may encounter on the actual day, we would put it behind us and enjoy every moment of it. We told ourselves we wouldn't lose sight of the reason we were getting married in the first place. And thankfully enough, everything went smoothly and we had such a blast. I'm certain it was because of our bridal party and vendors who played a key role. In the end, you also have to remember to leave it up to the vendors to do their job best. This was such an unforgettable experience for both of us and I'm grateful that my husband took the reins in playing the "bridezilla" role. Just as he was able to connect the dots in terms of my vision, I'm confident that our relationship will continue to strive where our strengths and weaknesses complement one another.