SMP Tri-State Welcomes Our Advertisers!
May 3, 2014
Tri State
Now this is how you celebrate the beginning of May: with a sweet introduction to Cody Raisig Photography and HowAboutWe.  Up first?  The amazing Cody Raisig, a talented photographer who happens to know a thing or two about capturing those special moments between you and yours on your big day.  Think one gorgeous image after another that will completely take your breath away...
From Cody Raisig Photography... I realize that authenticity is the ingredient for elegant wedding images. So forget about the pretentious poses and embrace the unscripted moments and a small dose of relaxed portraiture, creating a breathtaking wedding photo experience.

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As someone who is constantly looking for a new date night activity, I am completely obsessed with HowAboutWe.  I mean, who wouldn't absolutely love an online service that handles all of those pesky date night details, leaving you and yours to just relax and have FUN?!?  It's pure genius, lovelies...
From HowAboutWe’s Community Director, Jessica Tom… HowAboutWe for Couples helps make date night happen. Whether you’ve just started dating, just got engaged, or have been married for years, dating your partner is essential. We take care of all the details, so you can concentrate on the most important thing—spending time with each other.

Every date in our collection (seen here) is chosen for its quality and originality. Members get the best possible value on every booking, one free date a month, access to exclusive events, extras -- like car service and flower delivery -- and free personalized date planning for special occasions.

From waterfront yoga classes to exclusive chef’s tables to sci-fi robot-making workshops (check them out here, here and here), we’re here to help you discover and enjoy amazing dates. HowAboutWe for Couples is currently available in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles and Chicago. Not in any of those cities? We also have a national version with dates delivered right to your door.

Signing up is free and members in our five cities get one free date a month! See our collection of free dates here.

Welcome to the family, Cody Raisig Photography and HowAboutWe!  We are so happy to have you! xo