Captivating India Wedding Film
May 2, 2014
Fall Weddings
This beautiful film from Marrone Films is unlike any I've ever seen before. It's powerful and moving and is truly a journey of this wedding day. From the sunset camel ride along the sun-kissed sand dunes, to the culturally captivating ceremony, you don't want to miss this work of art.
From Marrone FilmsFrom the creators of “A Boy’s Dream” and “A Written Promise” comes an epic film that will take you on a journey through the Thar Desert and into a land known as the Golden City. There, Anika and Vijay will find Suryagarh, a Palace where they will celebrate their love with friends and family as they indulge in their culture and traditions. The bride and groom, Anika and Vijay are from California. They wanted to find a unique and exotic location for their wedding celebrations and choose Suryagarh, a palace in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India for their venue. They invited friends and family from around the world to share in their love story and join them for an experience of a lifetime.

Their celebrations started with the Sufi Mehfil, this was a welcome dinner to embrace all their guests and kick off the wedding celebrations. The Mehndi (bridal henna) was intricate and beautiful artistry. It is a tradition that has been used for thousands of years and is considered a symbol of good luck. The Sunset camel ride was a surreal experience. Anika and Vijay rode along the sand dunes, as the sun kissed the hot sands beneath our feet. It was incredible to experience this as we rode a camel ourselves and joined them in their adventure. The Sangeet was an incredible night of performances! Friends and family spent countless weeks preparing for this event creating custom dances, songs and speeches all choreographed and timed to perfection in honour of the Bride and Groom!

The Baraat is the traditional procession of the groom to the wedding ceremony. Vijay’s grand entrance was fit for a prince, he made his way through the palace on a colourful stunning elephant. Surrounded by his family, guests and musicians, they rejoiced in song and dance. The pheras (wedding ceremony) took place in an outdoor courtyard. The couple was seated on an elevated platform surrounded by water and draped with rich fabrics. Family and friends witnessed their promise to love each other forever, it was magical. The wedding reception was set on the lakeside of the palace, what a stunning view! As the guests feasted and danced under the stars, they celebrated Anika and Vijay’s journey, and were mesmerized as they released lanterns into the night’s sky to represent their love for all of eternity.

Suryagarh allowed our couple to realize just how far their love could take them. For their guests the destination was one of astounding beauty, rich with history and lavish indulgence. But for Anika and Vijay it was not only about the destination, it was about their journey. Their promise of love will echo through the sands of time forever, in their hearts and memories and now in our film. A quote that Anika and Vijay love: "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. -Dr. Seuss"