Mykonos Island Wedding
May 1, 2014
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For the longest time, the Greek Islands have roused my wanderlust, and yet, I still haven't made it to that beautifully blue and white splashed destination. So every time a wedding comes around in this locale, I wonder what I'm waiting for. And when it's as gorgeous as this one from Adam Alex and White Avenue? You can bet I'll be stuck in the gallery for days!
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From White AvenueThis was a wedding where two cultures came together, where two families travelled from far and wide to be at Jessie & Daniel's wedding on the island of paradise, Mykonos.

Jessie and Daniel both live in London but Jessie's family is Malaysian and Daniel's are from Ukraine. You might wonder then why they married in Mykonos? They fell in love with the island when they travelled there on holiday a year before. It was also a place where their families could relax for a whole week as opposed to just one or two days in a busy city. Mykonos is a beautiful island with lots to see and do, fresh food to eat. It oozes authenticity and culture despite it being a place where thousands of people flock to every year.

There are wonderful images of the couple getting ready and preparing for the day ahead with their bridesmaids and ushers surrounding them. The ceremony would take place in a beautiful chapel courtyard with stunning views of the sea. The luxury resort they were staying at was quite secluded from the rest of the island and sits way up on the edge of a hill.

As guests eagerly waited for the bride and her father walk down the aisle, there was a sense of excitement as the bridesmaids and maid of honour made their way down the steps from behind them. Then followed beautiful Jessie and her father. It really was a wonderful entrance!

We actually scheduled the ceremony relatively early for a wedding in Greece. It is so hot, even at 6pm so it is best to start an outdoor ceremony when the sun is going down. On this occasion it was scheduled an hour or so before sunset because there would be a jam-packed wedding reception ahead. As Daniel's family were from Ukraine, they loved the Russian wedding style where lots would be going on, such as games and long speeches made by many of the family members. One particular game involved Jessie and Daniel sitting in the centre of the dance floor with their backs facing each other. A question like 'Who is the most argumentative?' would be asked and they would have to hold up an object that represented Jessie or Daniel. It really was a fun wedding with lots of laughing and lots of entertainment.

The style of the wedding involved a lot of golds, pinks and creams, and a lot of candlelight for a beautiful ambiance when it got dark. The most important thing for Jessie & Daniel was that their guests had great food, especially fresh seafood, a brilliant party

During the dinner, the band played some mellow jazz and then for the party, Jessie and Daniel wanted to party in Greek style... plate smashing and Greek dancing. Towards the end of the night, in true Mykonos style, the party music kicked in via a DJ. The night ended with the guests standing on the terrace overlooking the stunning views and witnessing fantastic fireworks.