Rustic Meets Classic Vail Wedding
April 29, 2014
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This, my friends, is my dream wedding: a lovely combo of rustic and classic all set against a stunning Rocky Mountain backdrop.  It makes the Montana girl in me completely giddy, and when you lay your eyes on the bride's stunning Elie Saab gown, the breathtaking images from Sara Hasstedt and the world's prettiest bouquet from Rose Petals Vail, you will totally agree.  See it all here.
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From the Bride... Bobby and I met on June 26, 2010 out at a popular bar here in Washington,D.C. Unfortunately, I was gearing up to move to London in a short three weeks after our initial meeting, but Bobby was undeterred. He asked me out every night for the remainder of my time in DC - a bit sheepishly at first! - and we call that our “speed-dating” phase. It was literally like a race against the clock to get to know each other, spend as much time together… in short, we were both pretty smitten.

In mid-July, I moved to London to pursue my Master’s at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Bobby and I kept in touch daily, and we visited back and forth about five to six times during the year that I was abroad. Once I finished my studies in London in June 2011, I moved right back to DC, and back to Bobby. (Fortunately, I had made my career in museums, and DC is pretty much the best place to be for that!) We dated for another year exactly - as per his mother’s request! - and that following June, Bobby got down on one knee.

For me, Colorado was an incredibly easy decision. My parents first visited Beaver Creek as newlyweds in the mid-80s, and they fell in love with the area. Shortly thereafter, they bought our first family vacation home and the rest is history. We spent every spring break, Christmas and summer in Colorado; it holds our happiest memories. I couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else. Fortunately, Bobby visited and fell in love with the Rockies as well!

Once my parents decided to permanently move away from our hometown, St. Louis, they built a home in Cordillera, Colorado. Located at the top of the Summit area, the house is incredibly cozy, has amazing views, and is very, very private. Across the street from their home is a plot of National Forest that overlooks the most spectacular mountain view. There’s not a single house or building in sight. In short, it’s pretty breathtaking. Again, this was an easy choice for Bobby and me. I showed it to him the first time he came to visit us out West, and I think we both knew that would be the ceremony site if we decided one day to get hitched.

The ceremony took place at 4:30 in the afternoon. My grandmother, Mimi, said I had toget married at half past as the clock - and therefore our luck - would be on the upswing! Since the wedding was outdoors and in the mountains my Mom insisted that we build a tent in case of bad weather. (We really didn’t have a plan B. It was a rain or shine outdoor wedding.) The tent was all white with subtle greenery and fabric on the poles. The rental company provided an “aisle” that we all walked down.

Our florist, Rose, has a beautiful aspen tree structure that we put at the end of the altar. She made a beautiful garland that went both horizontally and vertically. It included foliage swags, white garden roses, ranunculas, andromeda and hints of blue/black privet berries for color.

Timber Hearth - the reception venue - is another family staple. We’d been going there for years; it’s cozy in the winter, fun in the summer and has wonderful views of the mountain golf course. Incidentally, my brother proposed to his wife on a horse drawn sleigh right outside of Timber Hearth in December 2010, so the Timber Hearth holds a very special place in our hearts. Our weekend was a destination wedding as the majority of our guests came from the East Coast.