5 Reasons to Invite a Photographer to Your Elopement
April 29, 2014
United States
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Elopements hold a special place in my wedding-loving heart. And today is a good day because we've got not one, but three sweet elopements from IQphoto, at San Francisco's beautiful City Hall no less. If you're planning an elopement of your own, these lovely photos should be motivation enough to invite a photographer to your day but just incase, IQ has a few more must-read reasons up their sleeve!
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1. Savor the moment. A memory of your intimate day is the best gift a bride and groom can give to themselves, other than their love for each other of course!

2. Family + Friends. When it comes to weddings, big or small, intimate or grand, sharing your love with family and friends who could not be there to celebrate is oh-so-important. They will be so thankful to get a peek into your big day!

3. Generations to Come. Share your love story with your children and grandchildren. They'll be brought back to a time and place that can only be envisioned by beautiful images of the day.

4. Budget Friendly. Keep in mind that the photography expense for an elopement will most likely be much less than if you were to have a large gathering.

5. Focus on You. With an intimate elopement, you'll have more time to capture those sweet moments with your loved one rather than entertaining guests. Instead of a quick bride and groom session before cocktail hour, spend a few hours with your photographer!

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