Fairy Tale Wedding at The Eiffel Tower
April 25, 2014
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To wed at the Eiffel Tower, in a romantic rain shower, with the sweetest flower girl you ever did see… does it get any more romantic than that? With Rendez-vous in Paris behind the planning and Timepiece Studio snapping up all the lovely details, we're left with a gallery filled to the brim with Parisian whimsy and romance.
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From Timepiece StudioA Rainy Night in Paris. The romance, the puddles, the champagne, the macaroons! Add all this together, along with the cutest flower girl in ever & I'd say you have a fairytale wedding in Paris.

At 4:00 o'clock, this photographer bride and writer groom met at the Eiffle Tower, just on the east side of the Champs de Mars at the end of "rue du Maréchal Harpiste" with their dear friends & family to make things official. As luck would have it, the rain started coming down almost the exact moment that Devina (the bride) stepped out of the Parisian Cab. That didn't matter for a second though, clear umbrellas with their initials were passed out to the guests and as the gorgeous bride accompanied by her equally gorgeous 7-year-old daughter danced down the grassy aisle, the world was perfect, rain drops and all. The spirit of their flower girl stole the show in her etsy-bought dress that she chose all her own.

Take a look, hopefully you can feel the sweetness and the romance of this rainy night in Paris!