Green Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club Wedding
April 21, 2014
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There are three things about this wedding that I will never, ever forget. First, the whimsical, almost fairy-like floral design from Butterfly Petals (I love). Second, the fact that the bride designed not only her gown, but four of the bridesmaids gowns as well. And finally, it's the brides sweet as can be write up. Call me a sap, but she had me in tears. Elyse Hall didn't help though, putting this beautiful gallery right under my nose.

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From Butterfly Petals... Sara is an artist who had a hand in not only the vision (Great Gatsby meets a wooded forest), but also created many details herself including her gown and her bridesmaids!

She asked me to create bouquets that didn't look like bouquets! The bride's bouquet featured an assortment of brooches the bride and her mother collected. Everything from heirlooms to quirky pieces like a golf bag and masquerade masks. The bridesmaids' bouquets were created almost entirely out of trailing spanish moss and delicate wild flowers.

From the beautiful bride... Wyatt and I had been together for about 5 years when we finally got engaged. We have always been a couple of weirdos, trying not to take life too seriously. This is what makes us so great, and also probably our biggest flaw.

I wanted our wedding to reflect our personalities, strange, silly, and super nerdy. This meant, our wedding was to be a little whimsical, the garden in the desert, and a little silly, our reading including a children's book about two dinosaurs in love. Our Judge even cracked a Jurassic Park joke (perfect). I also wanted, like most brides, our wedding to feel very personal. I studied Fine Arts and am a fashion designer, so I designed and made 4 of my 5 bridesmaid dresses. I also chose their shoes, jewelry, and made a few belts. More important than me feeling beautiful, was to make my bridesmaids (4 of them cousins) feel beautiful too. My cousins DJ-ed (they did an incredible job) and one of my best friends was the videographer. Of course, doing so much did make me lose some sleep and act a little weirder (than my usual weird at least), but you (hopefully) only marry once, so I believe you should make every part of it memorable.

Our wedding, while about Wyatt and my commitment and love, was also about our families, being joyous, and interconnected in our lives in this strange, strange world.