Cultural NYC Wedding with a Whimsical Twist
April 21, 2014
Tri State
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What do you get when you cross one crazy cool wedding venue, an amazing floral designer (looking at you, Blade NYC!) and A Guy + A Girl Photography? One heck of a beautiful day, that's what! And if you can't take my word for it, just feast your eyes on these pretty captures. They're sooo worth a sweet, long look.
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From a Guy + A Girl... On a particularly bright Sunday morning, we arrived in red hook, Brooklyn and were greeted by NYC royalty…none other than the venue’s namesake, Ms. Liberty, herself. There she stood, about 2 miles out across New York’s Upper Bay, in all her glory.

Before heading upstairs to greet the beautiful bride, Tamar, co-host of the day with her groom to be, Aron, we walked through the high-ceilinged reception room. Tamar’s creativity and consideration could be found in the perfect placement of each vintage book stack and re-purposed antique vase within her table centerpiece decor; Tamar’s sweet, unique personality was in the perfect buttons she added to make her already jaw-dropping dress, even more special. It was in the veil she designed and the invitations she conceptualized and constructed, herself. This bride attended to every detail to ensure a “vintage and rustic feel, and most importantly a low-key and somewhat whimsical atmosphere” (her original vision, as quoted from our first correspondence).

We are, of course, biased, but from a photographic point of view, the day was exactly as Tamar + Aron described it to us, nine months earlier…and more. it was warm and whimsical and light-hearted…while at the same time, it was wildly festive and fun, emotional and over-flowing with joy. A perfect reflection of a truly incredible pair.