Cleveland Museum of Art Engagement
April 21, 2014
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The very best engagement sessions don't necessarily need all the "fluff"...the balloons and confetti and props galore. The only special sauce needed is a madly-in-love couple who couldn't be cuter if they tried. Couples just like this Cleveland duo who cozied up in front of Lauren Gabrielle's camera for sweet little e-sesh that's sure to make you smile. See it all right here.
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From the couple... We travel. That's what we do as a couple. First, it was just to see each other because when we first started dating in college, we went to different schools. I was at Miami University and Josh was at Ohio University. Our trips have ranged from a road trip to Charleston, SC to Luxembourg and Italy while I was studying abroad. We were able to travel twice to Thailand, which holds a special place in my hearts as it is where my Dad is from and where I lived for eight years of my life.

It has become a tradition that we plan at least one trip a year. This year, it was Israel. Josh's sister lives there and I had never been. As it turned out, Josh had done a little extra planning that I was not aware of. We had just finished his birthday dinner at a fabulous restaurant in Jerusalem and I was out on the balcony of our apartment overlooking the city. Josh turned me around, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Getting engaged to the man I love, in a beautiful city, doing something we both love. It was perfect. Of course I said yes! We are so excited for what the future holds and can't wait for our wedding in 2014!