Summer Wedding at the Peppers Manor House
April 10, 2014
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You know what I love? A couple who doesn't take themselves too seriously. A couple who plans a wedding filled meaning, but also filled with FUN. It's exactly the approach these Australian sweeties took for their summertime nuptials, and today we're diving into every last bit. Get cozy, my dears, because the gallery from Dane Adkins Photography is sooo worth a nice, long look.
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From Dane Adkins Photography... When I first met with Tracy & Shane to discuss their wonderful wedding plans, it quickly became obvious to me there was going to be a strong emphasis on family. They explained to me they wanted to have a small, intimate wedding with close friends and loving family, and that the schedule of events would be slightly less 'traditional'. With a guest list of no more than 60, most of whom would be traveling from interstate, Tracy and Shane decided to host their wedding in the glorious gardens of Peppers Manor House in the Southern Highlands. Guests were invited to stay for the weekend and enjoy their time together.

The pre-ceremony preparations began early on the morning of their wedding day. Tracy and the girls shared a breakfast champagne while Sensoria (hair stylists), and Sara Wallace (Makeup) worked their magic. Shane and the boys tended to the cricket pitch - which, the Peppers Manor grounds staff took extra consideration to water in the weeks prior to their wedding, making sure it was in tip-top shape for the scheduled backyard cricket tournament - along with other important tasks.

Shortly after 11:00am, with only minutes until she was due to walk down the grassy isle, Tracy climbed into her wedding dress as calm as ever. She looked incredible, and you could tell she felt incredible. There wasn't a lot of conversation happening by this point. Tracy had a look of contentment, and happiness. She just wanted to hurry up and be Shane's wife!

Prior to the ceremony, the two most well mannered young lads I'd ever met, Willem & Oscar, had been practicing a poem they'd written as a family. They knew it off by heart.

"A family is...
The sweetest feelings
The warmest hugs
Trust and togetherness
Unconditional love
The stories of our lives, written on the same page
The nicest memories anyone has ever made
Fun and games, thankful tear, hearts overflowing with all of the years
Being there for one another, supporting and caring. Understanding. Helping. Sharing.
Walking life's path together, and making the journey even better
Because we are family, and family is us."

Not only did the pressure and emotion get the better of young Willem, most of those who witnessed the moving ceremony did so with a tear in their eye.

Tracy, Shane and the boys were an incredibly tight-knit team before their marriage, I have no doubt they're now completely unbreakable.

After the morning ceremony, everyone made their way inside and were seated for a delightful 3 course lunch, followed by some heartfelt speeches from Tracy's Father, Maid of Honour, as well as Shane himself. Tracy and Shane had put a lot of thought into entertaining the children during lunch, and gifted them with little toy bags, and colouring-in cards. However, the adults were soon dragged outside for the only moment the kids had been waiting for, backyard cricket! Let the tournament begin.

I managed to sneak away with Tracy and Shane for a few photos around the gardens of Peppers Manor House. I find the location photos are often a good chance for the Bride and Groom to step away from the crowd and spend a quiet moment together. Let it all sink in. It was a warm, sunny afternoon so we didn't venture far. The grounds around Peppers has so many photo opportunities, most of which are shaded. It's just an amazing venue for a wedding, and wedding photographers!

Guests spent the afternoon relaxing at their leisure, enjoying a drink with good friends and family, before helping themselves to a traditional Aussie BBQ catered by the Peppers kitchen staff. Tracy and Shane capped off their incredible wedding day with a slow dance under the stars.