Romantic Alder Manor Wedding
April 10, 2014
Tri State
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When I see the words "romance" and "manor" in the same sentence, my heart explodes.  Seriously, it does. Maybe it's the Jane Austen lover in me, but historic homes rock my world.  Also rocking my world?  This gorgeous wedding.  It's romance and then some with about one million reasons to fall helplessly in love. See it all captured perfectly by Elisabeth Millay right here.
And a sweet film from Atlantica Pictures...
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From the Bride... Marc and I met through friends four years ago in New York City. Falling in love in this city has to be one of the biggest highlights of our life so far – there are so many things to discover together that have made building our relationship so magical. When we got engaged we knew we wanted to have our wedding in the same city we fell in love. Marc is from Seattle and I am from Omaha so it was an easy decision to make, being that our guests would be traveling from all over.

It took some time to find a wedding venue, but it was worth the search! We wanted our guests to feel truly in the moment, without the distraction and noise of the city. Alder Manor is a 30-minute train ride away so it allowed us to create an intimate event for the evening, with our guests having easy access to the city for the rest of the weekend. Alder is a gem. The minute we pulled up to the mansion we knew this place was special. Everything about the house is so romantic - from the garden, to the grand foyer, to the libraries. Being there makes you feel as though you were transported back in time, and what a cool vibe for a wedding!

Everything about the day was perfect. I was realistic with my expectations and figured one thing would have slipped, but nothing went wrong! Each and every one of our vendors blew us away, and I think my jaw dropped continuously as the details unfolded.

Marc and I entered our marriage with the type of memories we never could have anticipated from one single day. We knew if this was any indication of our upcoming life together, then we are in for a treat.