Vintage Travel Themed Wedding
April 8, 2014
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Vintage chic is one of my favorite ways to marry.  But throw in a fabulous locale like Royal Fox, a few antique typewriters and a bride and groom who are as cute as they are crafty and it skyrockets to the top of my awesome list faster than you can say "I do."  Oh, and did I mention the gorgeous pics from Hannah Persson?  Because they're amazing, too.  Click here for so much more.
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From the Groom... I’m guessing it’s not often these things are written by the groom, but as a journalist with a huge interest in photography, my wife Meghan and I thought it best I write our account of our day! So what’s to say about our wedding day and the way in which our photographer, Hannah Persson, captured it?

To set the scene, you need to know a couple of things. Meghan meticulously planned most of our Chicago wedding from Tacoma, Washington, alongside completing a Masters in Occupational Therapy. Like most of the events in our eight-year relationship, it proved a challenge, but one immersed in ideas based on our love and experiences together and I have to take this opportunity to congratulate her on an amazing job.

Having enjoyed a long-distance relationship between Dublin, Ireland and Chicago for more than five years, travel was always going to feature prominently in our ideas for the day. After much ado, about a whole lot of things, we finally decided on a ‘vintage travel’ theme, one which Meghan, with a little help from me, set about putting in place in the months and weeks ahead of the big day.

Meghan’s realization of her vision was nothing short of spectacular, in a subtle and rustic way, as she named all the tables after many of the more poignant towns and cities we’d visited together. The tables were accentuated with old, weather-beaten planks of wood recovered from a fence I tore down at our old house in Tacoma, old bottles were collected from locations all over the country, and candles and flowers completed the carefully presented arrangements. Some of the wood was also salvaged from a Seattle based non-profit farm where we both volunteered. Old cameras and an old typewriter completed the vintage feel and added a little bit of the groom to the occasion, while being driven to and from the church in her dad’s vibrant yellow 1974 VW Thing was one of the highlights of the day, for both of us, her family and my dad who helped get it running again.

When planning the wedding, we knew there were a couple of areas we wanted to get absolutely right, and the pictures was one of them. We researched long and hard and met several Chicago-area photographers before finally deciding on Hannah. Before meeting her, we already loved her style and the exceptional results she had produced at previous weddings from viewing her impressive website. However, within minutes of being in her company, Meghan and I both knew Hannah was the perfect fit, especially given the amazing energy and enthusiasm she brings to her undoubted talent.

Pictures taken at stunning locations like on the train tracks in downtown Wheaton, Fabien Gardens and in and around the venue itself, meant we have a wonderful gallery of images to cherish and keep, and share with family and friends for years to come. We didn’t make it easy for her, failing to brief her with our ‘must-have’ shots and ‘what not to shoot’ pics like she had requested, but left to her own creative devices Hannah produced some remarkable shots and her excitement throughout the day shone through in the amazing final prints we received, just a few weeks after the event.

From Hannah Persson... So many little pieces added to this beautiful wedding. Shane, the groom, is from Ireland, where Meghan, the bride, actually first met him! They fell in love, and Shane moved back here to the States. When guests travel far from other countries, it always seems like the celebration is that much more beautiful. The groom's dad actually worked on the awesome yellow VW for about a week straight before the wedding just so that Shane and Meghan would be able to make their getaway in it. It had extra special significance because the car belonged to the bride's father, who passed away several years ago. One of Meghan's friend designed the gorgeous invitations. The guest's table cards showed off the couples' love for travel, as did the table numbers, as each had a different post card from a different travel destination for the couple. The couple used to live in Washington state, so the wood underneath the flowers on the tables was from Washington. The bride scoured thrift stores to find all the beautiful and unique vases to hold the flowers - super creative! The groom loves photography, so there were lots of old cameras decorating the reception space. The beautiful old Victorian elegance paired perfectly with the eclectic set up of the reception space. The couple loves music, so they had a banjo and violin player during cocktail hour, then the amazing Lisa Rene Band, followed by a special song played by a guest on the accordian. Of course, the late night snack was fish and chips- also super cute! The photoshoot took place at Fabyan Gardens in St. Charles, which is beyond gorgeous with the arches and gates. So much prettiness and love packed into one day.