Modern Wedding in New York City
April 8, 2014
Tri State
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Where does the couple who met while traveling the globe decide to tie the knot? New York City, of course. Where cultures and travels and textures can beautifully mesh into a wedding that represents exactly who the couple is at heart. And this wedding - photographed by Huge Forte and designed by Bespoke Only - is the very definition of modern loveliness. Just make sure to check out all of the other details right here!
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After both attending NYU (albeit at different times), later in their lives Mercedes and Paul joined foreign service separately and their paths fatefully crossed each other during their travelings around the world. In spring 2013, when the couple started planning their wedding as being stationed in Algiers, it was clear that there's no better place to host the event other than New York, the city where all the loose threads traced back to. In the midst of the hostage and bombing crisis happening in Algeria, with our help the couple managed to plan this very New York affair in Dumbo with the unparallelled skyline as the ultimate backdrop.

With the vibrant creative energy and diversity, Dumbo was the perfect display of the current and buzzing New York to guests around the globe. Taking place in a lofty art gallery with tons of industrial architecture details, the wedding was all about the classic urban elements that represent classic NYC but remained fresh and contemporary. Special homage was paid to the couple's artistic upbringing - black & white family photographs, works of the bride's deceased photographer/bio engineer mother were incorporated as a gallery wall at the entrance, which was equally visually stunning and emotionally moving. The groom's musician family performed harmoniously at the ceremony on the pebble beach under Manhattan Bridge - the graceful tune could not be veiled by any passing train noise. Iconic mid-century furniture pieces set up a modern lounge area. Nestled in a variety of matte black vessels, organically formed floral were done sparsely to keep up with the overall cool and relaxed atmosphere. Dogwood branches with hanging votive candles accentuated the height of ceiling and softened the rawness of the space.

Due to the nature of their jobs with constant traveling & moving involved, the goal was simple yet hard to achieve in their daily life - a dinner party to house all their dear ones in one place with exquisite food, wine, and the good times to be remembered and cherished in the many more years to come. With guests coming from all over the world, at the end of the night when the ice cream sandwich truck pulled over on the cobble stone street, it went without saying that everybody was having the best time as enjoying what New York city has to offer.