Casual Rainy Engagement Session + Film
April 8, 2014
RomanticBeach Weddings
Most couples would scramble to plan B when stormy skies showed up on their engagement shoot day. But what did these Chicago sweeties do? They embraced it - BIG time. They let Jen Lynne + Brittania Drew capture their love - rain or shine - and the results are nothing short of stunning. See for yourself right over here.
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From Jen Lynne Photography... This rain/foggy engagement session is one of my favorites from this year! Julianne and Alex are such a cool casual couple and SO in love.. I was floating on a love cloud after I left them that day. They weren't concerned about what they wore, the weather, or where we went. It was like hanging out with my best friends!

They live in a building in Chicago with an amazing view of the city. The day I got there we realized it was going to rain so Julianne went to the store and bought this super cute bubble umbrella, it was also her birthday and Alex (who really loves to buy her flowers and make floral arrangements) walked in with a huge bouquet of red roses!