Vintage Chic DIY Wedding
April 2, 2014
Tri State
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I love a bride that knows exactly what she wants, and from the get-go this gorgeous Mrs. was on a mission. Think a CIA-esque cell phone strategy to start the ball rolling with her Mr. and a world of insanely beautiful ideas all coming to life in a stunning seaside affair at the Mallard Island Yacht Club. Yep, she's awesome.  Check out the day captured by McKay Imaging Photography right here.
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From the Bride... Sean and I have lived around the corner from each other our whole lives. We went to the same elementary school, middle school, and high school, but never crossed paths due to our four year age gap. Our mothers were friends, however, and played on sports leagues in our town together, one of which being the volleyball team where Sean and I would eventually meet!

I had just graduated college and returned home. My mom's volleyball team, which consisted of my Mom, Sean and his parents, needed a setter and Mom had told the "McCormick Team" that she had a daughter that would would love to play! (My mom often exaggerates the truth.) I hesitantly joined the team because of course I thought I had better things to do. Little did I know that my new team would soon be my new family...  After that first game I was so sore I couldn't move! This was largely due to the fact that I was showing off for the hottest outside hitter I had ever setted for. I started wearing earrings and mascara to games, which, of course, my mother still teases me about to this day!

One day, I finally worked up enough courage to tell my mom to hook me up with Sean, however she refused because she didn't want it to interfere with her friendship with Sean's mom. That's when I took matters into my own hands and texted Sean's mom pretending to be my mother! I told her all about how I thought that "my daughter" had a crush on Sean. She responded with, "I think Sean has a crush on your daughter too!"  Word FINALLY got to Sean; he asked me out, and if you ask him today, he'll tell you that "I moved in and never left." The rest is history!!!

My wedding was an absolute fairy tale, which of course would not have been possible without our parents. If I said I did the whole thing myself I would be lying because I had so much help. The vision was mine, but I put everyone to work. My grandma tied over 1000 bows. Sean's parents hand cut yards and yards of burlap! My friend Alexis helped me design the whole ceremony and her and my friend Val woke up at 6 am to set it up the day of the wedding. My sisters went to every single dress fitting to make sure it was perfect, as well as directed the florist on how to spray paint each flower to get it the exact color. The bridesmaids made sure that everything went exactly according to plan. My mother was my sidekick and made all things possible. I can honestly say that nothing went wrong because to her "wrong" was not as option! My dad is the main men who got us the venue of a lifetime!  Almost everything was handmade, if not by me then a bunch of different shops on Etsy! We even made the flower girl headbands!