Classic Ballroom Wedding at The Murphy Auditorium
April 2, 2014
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Chicago was made for the classic ballroom wedding and when you throw in a beautiful bride in a beautiful gown and her perfectly handsome groom, what you have, my dears, is pure wedded perfection. Keren Sarai Photography was behind her well seasoned lens for the big day, and my goodness, it is so pretty! 
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From the stunning bride... Here's how it started! Matthew asked me to marry him on July 28th, 2012. We were both ecstatic and could not wait to start planning our wedding! We wanted to marry in the city, Chicago is where we met and fell in love, it meant a lot to us. A short month into our engagement, Matthew scheduled a walk through The Murphy Auditorium. It's location was just perfect, in the heart of downtown on a quite street that provided peace and privacy. The building from the outside looked like an architectural treasure with tall columns, beautiful stairway, and mystic giant green doors which captivated our attention. Once we stepped inside, our breaths were taken away. The attention to detail was impeccable: beautiful dome ceiling, stained glass, gold accents, and rich dark oak was simply stunning. This old glam jewel in the city won our hearts over and we signed on the dotted line right away!

The church followed next. Even though we both lived in Chicago for many years, we never visited one of Chicago's oldest churches, The Fourth Presbyterian Church. On one Sunday afternoon we ended up at the church and we were simply in awe! We new right away we wanted to be married at the Fourth Presbyterian, not only is it beautiful, but it also tied in perfectly with The Murphy, both places are simply stunning and the architectural details are undeniable.

Lastly, we had to choose a hotel where we planned to spend the whole wedding weekend. There are plethora of hotels downtown Chicago, however, only one stood out, The Drake Hotel. Just like The Murphy Auditorium and The Fourth Presbyterian Church, The Drake Hotel offered the old Chicago ambiance that went perfectly with our "theme" (even though I always said, I do not want a "theme" wedding).

Our wedding was a roller coster kind of day, but I wouldn't change it for the world, in fact I want to re-live it again just to experience the jitters and the love. It all came together perfectly and we were even able to incorporate a few Ukrainian traditions! We are so happy with how it turned out and our beautiful venues will remind us of the day every time we will pass them by!