What do a horse, a knife thrower and a totally in love couple all have in common? Why this amazing proposal of course. Captured by Super Frog Saves Tokyo, who also brought you this slow motion goodness, along with images by Karen Wang, this is eight minutes of total awesomeness planned by a very creative Groom for his leading lady. Spoiler alert: She says yes!

From Super Frog Saves Tokyo… Twelve years of courtship plus six days of planning equals one epic eight minute proposal. And now for a few fun facts:

1. The production company didn’t have time to cover the knife thrower under their insurance.
2. The horse and the hawk did not get along.
3. No one told the man in the beginning of the video to take his shirt off.

Photographer: Karen Wang | Cello: Rebecca Chung Filice | Choreographer: Manolo Aguilera | Hawk Trainer: Kate Marden And Jana Barkley | Horse Trainer: Tammy Sell | Jump Rope Artist: Andrea J. Gardner | Jump Rope Artist: Amy Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger | Knife Thrower: Matthew Bouvier | Salsa Dancer: Christina Walker | Video And Production: Super Frog Saves Tokyo | Viola: Christopher Foerstel | Violin: Mitchell Drury | Violin: Alina To