Vintage + Whimsical Wedding at Fullerton Arboretum
March 29, 2014
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Found Vintage Rentals has vintage down, no questions asked, but if you need proof, I give you the most beautiful, pretty in pink, vintage inspired wedding from Koman Photography. The stunning display of vintage charm is the perfect compliment to the timeless couple at the center.
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From the stunning bride... Alex and I are a very active and adventurous couple. Year after year we have watched couple close to us get married and have the typical wedding ceremony in a church and a reception at some banquet hall or hotel. Although they have all been beautiful, it just wasn't our style and we wanted something both unique and magical. Both of us are from the city of Fullerton and if you have ever been there you can tell right away it is full of rich history and heritage. This is why we chose our venue to be at the Fullerton Arboretum. With an all outdoors ceremony and reception that was both timeless vintage and whimsical in its nature. Many weddings have occurred here yet not a single one used this beautiful venue to its true potential. With a little imagination and elbow grease it was my dream to have the perfect wedding here.

It was still important for us to have a Christian ceremony and very personal as well. Alex's uncle who is also the pastor of our church agreed to be our officiant. But, the family fun and help didn't stop there. Alex's mom agreed to arrange all of our flowers and decorations for the entire wedding. Her thoughts and designs turned out far beyond anything I had imagined my wedding would be and I would not have changed a single thing. Working without the help of a wedding coordinator was a tough job, but being on a budget I knew I was in good hands with my friends and family by my side.
We also had the amazing opportunity to have two of our best friends John and Marlene Koman to be our photographers. They were beyond amazing. We know that pictures are the only thing that you will still have after the wedding is all done and over with. They captured moments of our wedding that we never want to forget. Every step of the way they were encouraging us, helping us, and following up to make sure our day would run smoothly.