Coney Island Engagement Session
March 28, 2014
Tri State
Winter Weddings
E-sessions like this make me happy.  And not just because these two are seriously adorable (they sooo are) or because their vintage chic theme is beyond awesome (it sooo is).  No, this shoot is more than that.  It's two people so in love that even Hurricane Sandy couldn't stand in their way.  And how amazing is that?!? See it all captured by Everest Road Photography right here.
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From Everest Road Photography... Lyndsey and Derek are two people who love and live deeply. When deciding on engagement photos, they wanted to do a vintage-style shoot at Coney Island where they got engaged. Then Hurricane Sandy hit the coastline and I assumed the plans would be reconsidered, but they weren't. A month after the storm, on a beach still wearing signs of its devastation, and in weather much too cold for frolicking in the sand, we did the shoot at Coney Island and somehow it was wonderful. It was beautiful to see their resolve and how they refused to let circumstances dictate their dreams, a sentiment echoed around the city in the weeks following the storm. It was uplifting to see the genuineness of their smiles, and to watch them find joy in each moment, especially the ones they spent together.