Coral Wedding at San Clemente Historic Beach Cottage
March 26, 2014
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There's almost nothing that makes me happier than a coral-colored lovefest. It's the kind of wedding palette that can instantly slap a smile on my face, and when it just so happens to be captured by heidi-o-photo? Even better. Wildflowers of San Clemente whipped up the epically pretty bloomage, and you can find your Wednesday happy place right over here.
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From the Bride... Our wedding day was more perfect than I could have ever imagined (which was a surprise considering how much time I had spent imagining the day). The weather turned out to be perfect- not too hot and not too cold, all of our DIY elements came together to look so perfect that it brought tears to my eyes when I walked into the reception space, and we had a sunset that was so beautiful it looks fake! There were so many special moments on our wedding day that it’s very difficult for to sum it up briefly. Our families and friends did everything possible to make our day perfect. There are three gifts that I received on my wedding day that stand out as extra special moments from the day.

The first gift was my wedding present from Bryston. I knew that I wanted to give him a nice watch and I hinted about diamond earrings big time! In the weeks leading up to the wedding I know that he spent countless hours researching the perfect pair of diamond studs. On the morning of our wedding Bryston’s best man, Taylor, delivered my perfect diamond earrings with a special note from Bryston. The delivery was almost as special as the gift itself since the first time that I met Taylor was when he delivered a secret gift from my sorority Big Sis freshman year of college. Seven years later, here was Taylor delivering another very special gift.

The second gift was a necklace from my mom and sister. This gift comes from a tradition that we started when my mom got married two years ago. My sister and I decided to give her a necklace to represent the three of us on her special day. When it came time for my wedding, my mom and sister decided to continue the tradition and chose a beautiful pearl necklace to give me right before I put on my dress. We spent most of my life as a three person family unit and even though our family has expanded, our trio will always have a special relationship and our necklaces represent that.

The third gift was something different and definitely unexpected. It came at the end of the night and it is still one of my favorite memories. My stepdad and my sister’s boyfriend spent the day of the wedding setting everything up and they both worked extremely hard along with the rest of the set up crew to make everything perfect and beautiful. Of course that was a big gift in itself, but they pulled me aside at the end of the night to give me something else. During our rehearsal on Friday the big AC unit outside of the cottage turned on and was very loud in the ceremony area. I mentioned in passing that I was worried that it could turn on during the ceremony. At the end of the wedding they pulled me aside to show me the fuse box that they pulled out of the AC unit to make sure that it didn’t turn on during the ceremony. Don’t worry, they put it back and everything works just fine!"