McCormick Home Ranch Wedding
March 25, 2014
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Somewhere beneath the California sun lives a charming colonial-style home at the foot of the Santa Monica mountains. It plays backdrop to many a lovely wedding, but perhaps none quite as lovely as this. Planned by a bride with impeccable tastes, and photographed by talented Jillian Rose, a visit to the gallery is an absolute must.
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From the Bride… It was a true fairy tale…a day when all those we love and cherish most gathered together on a beautiful, warm Fall day in Camarillo, CA to celebrate with us as we took each other’s hand and vowed to be partners in life and love forever as Mr. and Mrs. Nenaber. As a destination wedding for most, Seth and I were eager to introduce our out-of-town friends and family to a different side of Southern California than the otherwise popular beaches and LA hot spots – the lovely agricultural community of Camarillo.

The McCormick Home Ranch, a Colonial-style home exuding exquisite character and history in its setting amidst stunning farmlands at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains, has been home to the McCormick family for four generations. The venue took our breath away in its natural state upon our first visit, and set our imaginations wild with creative ways to create the “lace meets burlap” vintage rustic chic look we were aiming for. With both Seth and I working in the Marketing/Events industry, our top priority was providing a unique, charming affair for our guests to enjoy... something so special that they would feel like the event was truly designed for them.

And in what felt like an instant, it was time for the ceremony to begin. The bridal party made their way through the oohing and aaahing crowd, adding in a little touch of humor as they broke away from one another under the arch – a fist pump, a bridesmaid dipping her groomsman, a booty bump – the guests eating it up. Arm in arm with my beaming father, we walked down the aisle, overwhelmed and humbled by the beauty of the side yard garden filled with the excited faces and quick congratulatory comments of our guests under the canopy of lush trees and flowers. It was in that moment that I realized the day was going to be so much more than I could have imagined… and my heart ached with love for my soon-to-be husband, excitement for our 160 guests, and gratefulness for all those we had partnered with to make our vision a reality.

In a flash it was time for the reception on the front lawn. Guests visited the vintage window panes listing the seating assignments and found their tables, which boasted stunning arrangements by Unique Floral Design built into and around the smattering of vintage décor I had strategically collected for this day. Bird cages, watering cans, antique books, brassware and picture frames were brightened by purples, greens and soft white floral accents, and arranged to create a different vintage vignette for each table atop a burlap runner and lace doily accents.

The reception was kicked off by a bridal party entrance like none other, as we let each groomsman select their couple’s introduction song, dance moves, and props, if so desired. That being said, a full bunny head, Superman capes, Michael Jackson style hats/gloves, and an inflatable doll are just a few of the unexpected elements of these unforgettable introductions, which undoubtedly caught guests off-guard and set the tone for the fun that would be had that evening. After our first dance and speeches by our siblings, guests made their way through an unparalleled buffet line featuring a delicious array of gourmet barbeque foods, including tri-tip, brisket, grilled chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, vegetables, and more. Merlin’s Kitchen [Westlake Village] wowed guests as they set a new standard for “wedding food,” and we were thrilled to see their staff getting praised throughout the evening.

The [homemade] vintage photo booth made for a fun stop as guests could pick props from the suitcase and take their own photos, sharing with us via social media. Making their way around the front yard, guests were excited to find a gourmet popcorn bar, featuring white cheddar, chocolate caramel, parmesan garlic, and of course the classic, kettle corn.

DJ Lee Dyson [Owner, Hey Mister DJ] kept the dance floor packed all night, which was definitely the highlight of the evening. We loved seeing all generations, dancing the night away, breaking only to hydrate or quickly munch on some popcorn. We interrupted the dancing momentarily to cut our decadent cake, which despite multiple conversations before the wedding still managed to end up on my nose thanks to my loving, playful husband. I was blown away to see the cake before us, more perfect than I had hoped for, knowing the example design I was going for was especially challenging to do in a butter cream. Jana at Jana’s Creative Cakes made it happen, and the soft, simple, textured design looked downright elegant.

I had been warned that the wedding day would fly by, and I can remember taking pause a couple times throughout the night wishing I could just make it stop so I could soak it in and relish in the incredible dream we were living. Everyone was smiling and having a blast, everything went exactly as planned, the stars were shining above us on a surprisingly warm Fall night, the dance floor was still packed. Our worlds had come together, family and friends alike, and the merge was so seamless you would have thought everyone had known each other for years.

As the clock hit 10pm, our guests lit their sparklers and lined up along the circular drive. We could feel them buzzing with excitement and joy. Seth and I looked at each other, took one another’s hand, and were elated as we made our way through the radiant grand exit. As we climbed up on the back of our “getaway car,” a vintage Pontiac GTO convertible, we waved back at all those who had shared this most incredible day with us and kissed. I could almost make out that final The End cursive print forming in the space that separated us as we drove away, and I was speechless. Overwhelmed with love and gratitude, and speechless.

And now, as our perfect day is behind us, we cannot find the words to express how much we appreciated having the greatest partners in producing the ultimate fairy tale wedding. Our guests were catered to by the pros thanks to Beverlee’s Bartending, and spoiled with gourmet fare and superior service thanks to Merlin’s Kitchen. Those perfect moments were captured with skill and grace by our talented photographer, Jillian Rose Kling of Jillian Rose Photography. The energy, excitement and emotion live on through the incredible footage so artfully obtained by our videographer, Rich Brand of Rich Brand Videography. “Thank you” just doesn’t seem adequate to express our sincerest gratitude.