Gold Glamour at Union Station
March 20, 2014
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If I could live in a wedding, I would most certainly choose this one; every last gilded, glittery pink inch of it. It's a gold lover's dream come true with design and styling by East Olivia Creative & Camp Design Group, gobs of bright peonies by Poppy Hill Flowers and imagery galore by Twenty Twenty Studios. Have a look here for so much more.
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From the Bride... James and I met and began our story together over five years ago in Los Angeles, California. However, we spent several years of our relationship living long distance while he attended school in Berkeley and I worked full time in L.A. Then, just after our engagement we both moved to New York City for work and school. Although the idea of a NYC wedding sounded incredible, the majority of our family and close friends were located out west so we knew that we wanted to throw our wedding celebration in Los Angeles. Thus began the wild experience of planning a wedding from across the country!

I traveled several times to Southern California to plan our big day with a team of our incredibly talented and artistic friends and my lovely Aunt Rhoda, who was our rock during wedding planning madness. After scouting many locations with Rhoda we visited Union Station and it was an absolute dream come true. It was timeless, beautiful and a great representation of LA with its classic spanish architecture, eclectic gardens and art deco interior. The garden where we held our ceremony was full of roses and birds of paradise which reminded me of my late grandparents - as they always had kept both flowers in their gardens ever since I could remember. The Fred Harvey Room where we hosted the majority of the reception is a stunning space that left us speechless with its history and beauty. Once we set eyes on that room we knew that we had to look no further.

The next several months were a flurry of creative planning. A great piece of advice we were given at the beginning of the planning process was to focus on the aspects of the wedding that we very important to us that we felt we couldn't "live without". Knowing that then helped us to spend the majority of our resources on what mattered to us most and guided us through many decisions. We felt our invitations would set the tone for our wedding so our designers went all out on those and we could not have been happier!

James & I’s relationship has always been so rich with wonderful friendships and it was really important to us to incorporate the many talents of people that have invested in us over the course of our relationship. We focussed a lot on curating and including original artwork from our creative friends, each of these contributions was a unique expression of our history together.

These items ranged from a hand painted banner that hung on the Fred Harvey Room balcony featuring an F. Scott Fitzgerald quote to hand made wood work by a friend who built our altar and many signage pieces. We were so lucky have our dear friend do hand lettering and calligraphy and even gifted grounds of coffee from a friend’s Texas based coffee shop to our guests. The list could go on of all the unique and lovely pieces our friends so generously contributed to our day.

When the big day finally arrived it all went by in such a quick flash but the day lives in my mind and in these gorgeous photos taken by our talented photographer - as the most dreamy, love filled, joyous day we’ve experienced to date. The only thing that could have made our day more perfect was if we could have slowed down time, even just a little bit. Then we could have danced, laughed, cried and celebrated even longer in a setting more beautiful than we could have ever imagined with the people that meant the most to us in the whole world.