Elopement in the San Juan Island Archipelago
March 19, 2014
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I love elopements. I was actually thiisss close to eloping with my hubby when we were engaged. It's super romantic to me, and I feel like they always turn out so beautiful because they are filled with heart. This pretty is proof. Captured by Adam Nash, it was a day that was all them and so perfect. Se it all here.
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From Adam Nash...3200 miles from their home in Nova Scotia, this couple of seven years finally decided to sneak away and tie the knot. They choose an old fashioned District Courtroom and they choose me to witness it and tell their story. I live on a sailboat, and usually just sail up to the waterfront weddings and row over with my camera bag. In this case, we needed to get out of the town and get some scenery so I had to hitch a ride in their rental car with them. I pointed the way to Cattle Point on the southern most tip of the island. With the haze blocking the Olympic Mountains, it felt like you were standing on the edge of the world. The dramatic wind and chilly temps added to the drama. A simple cake, made by a friend, was waiting for them in their hotel room when we returned.