Sydney Wedding Film
March 18, 2014
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I wish I knew these two sweeties.  Heck, I wish I knew the entire Paper Cranes Productions crew.  Because this is a group of talented people who really, really, really seem like the life of every party.  I'm talking a bride and groom who are too cute for words and a band of coworkers who captured every moment of their day in a same day edit film that will take your breath away. Do it now - press play.
From Paper Cranes Productions... Oh man, what a day.

Ferry and Renny have known each other for quite some time now, and we've really seen both of them grow so much together.

I feel there's something poetic and beautiful about being able to give back to one of your mentors, who've taught you so much about your craft.  Ferry has really helped spark my passion for filmmaking and has taught me so much about lighting, composition and anticipation.  It was such a privilege to be able to use everything I've learnt, to capture HIS wedding together with Dustin, Chris and Vedro alongside the awesome Pudi and Andrew with Cinematic Portraiture.  It's always challenging filming a wedding of a wedding videographer AND photographer (haha), and Ferry is both! This time the entire Paper Cranes team all helped to bring what they had to the table, to film and photograph the day. We were all so busy we didn't even use the Photobooth at the reception. How ironic!

There were so many teary and emotional moments making it a big challenge to film through our watery eyes. Must've been the pollen blowing in from the grass outside. No, really.  The morning prayer between Ferry and Renny, where Ferry led the prayer really set the mood for the day, and shows just how far he's grown in the time I've known him. I loved being able to see him through the reflection, whilst filming Ren's reaction.

It was Dustin's idea to get Ferry to film his own bride, during our location shoot and it was such a cool way to break the fourth wall whilst showing both of Fer's loves at once. Ren, and film.

Chris did an insanely good job on the edit, got through the pressure, the rush, editing in the car and using Premiere for the first time in an SDE. It's always a pleasure working altogether and being able to see everyone's effort onscreen within a few hours, Chris, you worked hard, you deserve a shoulder massage. From Dustin.

This is only the beginning for your married adventures together, Congratulations again Ferry + Ren, on behalf of the entire Paper Cranes Team, we love you and wish you all the best.

Fer, you're right in front of me as I'm typing this. Haha.