Brian & Amanda
March 18, 2014
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These two sweeties make me happy.  Like that happy that fills your entire body with singing from the mountaintops kind of joy (Sound of Music style).  Maybe that's because they are sooo in love and sooo adorable, you can't help but smile through every last minute of their day captured by Steven Bailey.  It's a film that will make your day, week and month and you should push play to see just what I mean.
From Steven Bailey... When I sat down to coffee with this wonderful couple, I knew pretty quickly that they were unique in their amazing love for each other. Their devotion to the idea of self-sacrifice and enriching the lives of those around them was inspiring. Filming their wedding was an absolute privilege, and it's safe to say we'll be keeping in touch as friends as they move forward into their new life together.

Moving forward into the wedding day, I was constantly amazed at how the moments were handled by these two. Never had I witnessed a bride so calm and peaceful in the time leading up to the ceremony. You could sense vicariously just by being in their presence that they understood the weight and magic of that day. As everything progressed, it settled into a calm rhythm that saw them to their final goodbye that evening.

The wedding itself was beautiful in its simplicity.

Every moment held a smile, and it's an experience I'll never quite forget as a videographer.