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February 28, 2014
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For me, there is nothing better than a good love story. Call me sappy, sure, but a sweet beginning, a romantic middle, all leading up to a beautiful wedding day get's me like nothing else. AJH Photography captured just such a love story at Vista West Ranch and I'm a sappy mess. Typical.
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From the stunning bride... Our love story began back in 2008, when the two of us met through mutual friends. During our Senior year, David and I grew closer as friends- even though I knew he was secretly in love with me. I always knew that he was interested in me. Throughout our senior year David and I continued to grow closer as friends and part of me could always picture myself being with him long term, but I didn't want to ruin our friendship with a failed relationship. David always went out of his way to impress me and show me that he cared for me through being a gentleman, going out together and being my prom date (which he did by painting rocks my favorite color and spelling out "prom? that would rock" in a nice remote spot overlooking a creek in our neighborhood park.)

After high school I went to The University of Texas at Austin to pursue my education, while David joined the Army and was stationed in Alaska. Shortly after, David deployed to Afghanistan. During his deployment, we talked as often as possible. Part of me always knew that David was the one for me and once he came home we finally decided to start dating. Over the next three years we had a long distance relationship from Alaska to Afghanistan again and back. On December 21st 2012, on his vacation after his second deployment, David invited me over to his parents house for dinner while the rest of his family was away. I had no idea what was about to happen. While preparing dinner for the two of us, David told me that he had to step out back to move some wood for his dad and told me he might need my assistance. I was reluctant to do so. David stepped out and came in shortly after to ask for my help. We walked out back together and to my surprise, I see a beautiful purple heart of lights laying in the center of the yard with lights wrapped around the surrounding trees. I knew then that I wasn't going to be helping him with the yard work, but that the moment I had been patiently waiting for was about to happen. David got down on one knee and asked me to be his prom date for life along with being his wife. Thus began the next chapter of our lives.

Over the next 10 months I planned our wedding while he was back in Alaska finishing out his service. I always knew I wanted a rustic wedding with a touch of vintage flair, and had always dreamed of getting married in an old barn, which all panned out perfectly! Vista West Ranch was always my top choice for my venue- and we were lucky enough to book our wedding at the place I had always hoped for! The planning process of our wedding was such a joy! I am the type of girl who knows what she wants and is extremely detail orientated, so putting together all my thoughts and ideas into action was really fun and easy to do.

My style inspiration was pulled from my love of lace, mason jars, florals and of course Pinterest! Vista West Ranch had all I wanted wrapped up in one! My wedding day was more than I could have ever imagined. David and I shared many moments that I will never forget, but one that will always stick with me is when we had our first look. That moment, where it was just the two of us was perfection. I had thought a lot on what I wanted to give David during our first look, and I figured I should bring it all back to the moment he won my heart- Senior year 2008. When I walked up to my handsome groom awaiting my arrival, I knew exactly what I wanted to say. As David turned around it truly sunk in that today was the day we had been waiting for. We were about to be husband and wife. After saying tons of mushy gushy stuff, I had one last thing to ask David before we said I do. I opened my hand and gave David a purple rock from when he asked me to prom and asked him "Marriage? It would rock" It was the perfect moment, one that was so special to the both of us that signified the beginning of it all.