Orangerie Events
February 26, 2014
It's no secret that we heart our Little Black Bookers in a big, big way. Adore them actually. Today, we'd love to introduce to you, Priscilla of Orangerie Events, a sweet North Carolina wedding planner with a heart of gold. Her bright, cheery style makes us smile every single time, and now that we've seen Inkspot Crow's adorable behind the scenes film? We're convinced this gal is bursting with sunshine.
SMP: What is Orangerie Events?
OE: Orangerie Events is a boutique wedding and event planning business serving the great state of North Carolina and beyond. It’s a fresh approach built around my detail-driven organizational skills and keen knack for design. It’s a resource for brides the delivers guidance, advice and ideas while subtracting the stress and infusing fun into the wedding planning process.

SMP: What sparked your interest in event planning?
OE: When I was growing up, my favorite book was “How to Throw a Party with Pizzazz.” It was definitely not one of the standard children’s bedtime stories, but I had an infatuation with planning and executing a perfectly put together event. I spent the first part of my professional career planning corporate events for a TV station in Charlotte and after assisting friends and colleagues with their weddings, I knew I had found a profession that fulfilled a void in my life and allowed me to truly pursue a passion.

SMP: What do you love most about your job?
OE: Easy. My clients. I feel so fortunate and blessed to meet such amazing couples and share in such a pivotal moment in their lives. I was meeting with a bride recently and she was chatting all about her upcoming wedding. She said, “The only opinions that matter to me are my fiancé’s and yours.” It was just a casual statement. One in which she probably has no clue how impactful it was to me. It was a reminder that my life is much fuller and enriched because of my clients.

SMP: We're betting your day-to-day is always changing, but what can we find you doing on a weekly basis?
OE: On a weekly basis you can definitely find me in Forever 21. I’m addicted. My passion for designing weddings is easily translated into my passion for fashion. I’m constantly putting together outfits and styling not only myself, but friends and family. You can also find me scouting out decor pieces at antique shops or selecting linens at local rental companies. I love watching an entire design plan come together piece by piece.

SMP: Best piece of planning advice for brides & grooms?
OE: My best piece of planning advice for brides and grooms is to focus on what matters. The big picture. The marriage. I can always recognize a distinct difference between those couples that are focused on what really matters versus couples that are sweating the small stuff. The best three words a planner can hear is “I trust you.” Trusting your planner and keeping your eyes on the main prize will allow you to fully enjoy each and every moment of your wedding day.

SMP: Favorite cocktail?
OE: I’ll let you in on a little secret. My favorite cocktail isn’t a cocktail at all. It’s a slush. A Sun Drop slush to be exact. I grew up in a really small town and every gas station had a Sun Drop slush machine. When I moved to Raleigh, I begged local stores to change their flavors to Sun Drop but to no avail. This past year, I acquired a Sun Drop slush machine of my own and it presently resides in my cute little studio. I love sharing my favorite beverage with my clients and I’m not going to lie, I was pretty stoked when Sun Drop tweeted me.

Event Planning: Orangerie Events | Cinematography: Inkspot Crow Films | Photography (top to bottom): Perry Vaile Photography, Critsey Rowe Photography, Fresh Ivey PhotographyPerry Vaile Photography