Romantic Palmetto Bluff Wedding
February 19, 2014
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If there is one thing I know about the pretty little locale known as South Carolina, it's that it's one state that really, really  knows how to throw a wedding.  I'm talking weddings that are dripping in gorgeous details and awe-inspiring blooms, like this one captured by Sara Parker Photography.  It's a traditional affair with a dash of glittery gold and you can see it all right here in the full gallery.
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From Sara Parker Photography... Bryan and Liz are an amazing couple. Bryan is so gentle and loving and Liz is super bubbly and detail-oriented. I mean, the girl thought of everything! Invitations, personalized EVERYTHING, gold Christian Louboutin shoes, Vera Wang dress dubbed the name Kathleen, personalized gifts for her maids, Breitling watch for Bryan, Cartier love cuff from Bryan to Liz, you name it! You could just take one look and KNOW that she put tons of thought and energy into each detail. She even brought her dogs and had wedding collars on them. As a photographer, I so appreciated her attention to every little detail of her wedding day.

Liz is a pharmacist and Bryan works in financing. Really an amazing sweet and genuine couple. By the end of the day, my husband and I were "baptized" as part of the family. This was an intimate day for Bryan and Liz-- they had all of their closest friends and family who were all an absolute blast to be around. Bryan and Liz live in Alabama, but have ties with Miami and New Orleans. They wanted to incorporate these places into their wedding day. For Alabama, they had red and white pom poms to end the reception along with an Alabama cheer. For Miami (Liz's side of the family is Cuban), they had a Latin band play at cocktail hour. For New Orleans, they had a second line dance from cocktail hour to the reception.

The wedding day was September 7, 2013. A PERFECT September day, zero percent chance rain and 80 degrees. Aaaaamazing. The wedding style was a southern and elegant, 1920's glam mixed with a bit of New Orleans/ Latin feel. Crazy you say? Not at all. It all blended perfectly thanks to Kelli Corn, the genius event planner.

We were excited when they decided they wanted a first look. We did the first look on a bridge with spanish moss trees surrounding it. Liz walked up to Bryan on the other side as his back was turned and she pinched his booty to get him to turn around. I have to say that's a first and it was so perfect. The ceremony was held at 5pm and it was the most light-hearted and genuine ceremony we had ever photographed. Nothing stiff about it. Lots of laughing and tears. The ceremony was followed by cocktail hour, which included gold sparkle linens, white couches, a latin band and dancing. This was followed by a second line dance to the reception. At this time, Liz changed her hair to an up-do and added a blingin' necklace that she got from an Etsy vendor. All the guests were so enthusiastic -- once we got to the reception, it seemed dancing was priority. Before drinks were poured and appetizers were out, everyone was FULL OUT partying. We loved it. There was a 3 course sit-down dinner with toasts- a very light and intimate feel to it all. At the end of the night, it is a tradition at Palmetto Bluff to have s'mores outside on the lawn. The couple had a sparkler send-off.