San Francisco Engagement
February 10, 2014
Summer Weddings
Engagement sessions are always an awesome way to start the week here on SMP, but when it's an e-session with two sweeties who happen to have an amazing love story, it's just a tad bit more spectacular than normal.  Case in point?  This adorable duo, who met in true movie-esque fashion and then frolicked around the beaches of San Fran like it's no one's business.  See it all captured by Anna Wu Photography right here.
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From the Groom... Deirdre came in to interview for a developer position at my last company (wearing heels and very long dress pants). Her heels got into a fight with her pants and she fell (face first) in front of the CEO's office. All of her papers (resume, etc.) scattered and she made an extremely loud crash. Unfortunately, most of the executive team was meeting in the CEO's office and everyone came out to see what happened.

It was only a few seconds, but all of a sudden everyone was there (and she was still on the floor). I helped her up, but I knew she was really embarrassed and I was surprised that she still wanted to go through with the interview. We did the interview, but I told her that she didn't have enough experience and wished her the best of luck. She didn't agree with me though and went directly to HR and convinced them to give her a chance as an intern (even though she graduated a year ago).

She started the following week and we butted heads frequently. She was stubborn, overly optimistic, but an amazing programmer. Everyone thought I hated her, but secretly I was in love with her. I think I started falling for her the day she fell in front of everyone.

From Anna Wu Photography... Almost a decade later, these two are getting ready to tie the knot in a Florida wedding. But first, we met up for some lovely engagement photos around their neighborhood in San Francisco's Pacific Heights. There was no tripping and falling, as Deirdre was unstoppable in her Cole Haan Lunargrands and that awesome orange blazer.