Burlington, Ontario Wedding at Le Dome Banquet Hall
February 7, 2014
North America
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It doesn't happen often, but this wedding left me completely speechless. The colors, the style, the ridiculously gorgeous couple - everything.single.moment of this drop dead gorgeous soiree is stunning to say the very least. It was captured beautifully by Grey Weddings, leaving us all with a gallery so pretty I could cry. See even more here, and don't miss their fabulous film from Elle & Be below.
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From Bride...A romantic & intimate wedding full of personal details, and symbols of both our relationships history and love. Our first ceremony was hosted on a piece of land two footsteps from my family home. Our decor featured sheer draping lining the path of 100 year old trees, a birch tree four pillar mandap with hanging chandeliers, a DIY photobooth made of hanging gold frames, vintage books, glass coke bottles and wingback chairs for guests to relax. Ambience was created by a violin player serenading guests throughout the morning with classic love songs. Our second ceremony took place inside a large Sikh temple with our closest family & friends. Here, we solidified our future for the second time, the sunlight streaming through the large glass windows. Ending the day was at my home where my family through rice & rose petals as we departed in a vintage Ford.

I always knew I wanted to marry a friend. Someone with whom I could share my tears or laughter and who I knew would always stand by my side. But it was as my best friend was standing in front of me, his smile peaking through the sheer fabric of my mothers vibrant red wedding sari - the divider between us, that I realized today my dream was coming true.

Sunny and I met over a decade ago and though we were inherently different people, each with unique interests, upbringings and cultures there was a draw that always pulled us together. And though the friendship lasted for years, it was one day that he confessed his feelings to me with the disclaimer that he hoped I wouldn’t be mad.

The friend crush they called it. The moment when you take the greatest risk in your life of loosing your friend but the best chance you could take at gaining a new love. From this moment on our love story began full of fireworks, laughter and ongoing chapters of love.

With us both being of Indian heritage, our wedding was a week full of festivities and traditions. A perfect symbol of us. We celebrated with religious ceremonies, turmeric masks, henna parties and both a Hindu & Sikh wedding ceremony. Best of all, we had the opportunity to share with our friends & family the love that we had felt for so long.

Thinking of our Hindu ceremony, I can still hear the soft sounds of the violin serenading our love as we made four circles around the symbolic fire, the panels of my traditional skirt moving with every step. The warm feel of the summer breeze as our families embraced and laughed in our antique inspired lounge full of hanging gold frames, vintage books and wingback chairs. Finally, the moment when Sunny took the sindhoor and marked a line in the part of my hair, signifying that I was now his wife.

Then, the Sikh ceremony where I smiled at my groom as I held onto his scarf tightly, symbolizing the unity of our future after my dad passed it from him into my hands. The rounds we made signifying our vows to one another, and the moment I had to leave my parents home in our vintage Ford, my mother whispering in my ear don’t look back for this was the start of our beautiful future.