Book Lover Wedding Ideas
February 7, 2014
United States
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When you've got a love for something (other than your sweetheart), nothing makes your wedding day more special than incorporating that special little something into your day. Take this bride - lover of antique books, she and Jessica Christine Photography pulled together a bridal session centered around that love and it's extra special because of it!
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From the beautiful bride... I love all things antique and rustic. My very favorite find is always a good old, beaten down antique book. I love that each one has its own unique story. My love for antique books quickly became my inspiration when it came time to plan my wedding. Add an old jar, vintage typewriter, gorgeous wooden ladder, and beautiful flowers and you have a stunning shoot. It all reminded me of Beauty and the Beast, with the combination of books and the ladder. How fitting that my last name is becoming "Guest". Be our Guest!

One of my favorite parts of the shoot was incorporating the letters that my fiance wrote to me when he proposed. He wrote me four letters that I opened over the course of an evening at different stops on a scavenger hunt around town. He assigned a word to each letter of my name as the theme for each note...Lovely, Enchanting, Admirable, and Hilarious. You can even see the tear stains on the letters from that night, it was so sweet I couldn't handle it! I'm so glad these made an appearance, since they were such a special part of our engagement. 

Jessica did such a wonderful job making my inspiration come to life, capturing every detail so beautifully!