Lavender Wedding Inspiration at Weirs Lane Lavender Farm
January 24, 2014
North America
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When you love lavender as much as I do (read: a lot), a day spent swooning over drop-dead gorgeous lavender inspiration is pretty much the greatest thing ever.  Especially when that inspiration is the product of a dream team of vendors, including Affairy EventsCaprice Design And Decor and Bake Them Pretty (to name a few).  That's what I call a purple-hued masterpiece and you can see it all right here.
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From Affairy Events... The most common meaning of the lavender flower is love and devotion. Lavender flowers are also associated with purity, silence and caution. When we came up with an idea of shooting a 'lavender wedding', we couldn't even think that there was a real-life lavender farm just an hour away from Toronto! The location is so romantic and beautiful, it set a perfect environment and completed a vision we were going for.

Since the lavender flower was the main inspiration, we decided to use various shades of purpler from lavender into the deeper tones and light blue.

Weir's Lane Lavender Farm is also a birth place for really good honey, so we thought it would be fun to use honeycombs as an accent on the sweetheart table as it gave this great texture. We also used velvet apricots for a touch of darker purple.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the owners of the Weir's Lane Lavender Farm for letting us using their beautiful house and grounds.

We didn't want 'lavender wedding' to look too vintagy, we tried to keep it modern yet romantic and rustic. As a result, the photos look like the 'lavender wedding' really took place in Provence, France!

Andrea and Jay are a real couple who have been dating for just over a year and we wish them lots of love and happiness and many more happy years together!