Boston Wedding at Fairmont Battery Wharf
January 21, 2014
New England
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This is traditional elegance done oh-so-right; a Fairmont Battery Wharf affair where vibrant blooms from Poppy Floral mix and mingle with crazy gorgeous views and an Amsale gown that will take your breath away.  It's the kind of day where dancing the night away is atotal given and love-filled moments fill our gallery by the thousands.  See every beautiful second captured by Deborah Zoe right here.
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From Deborah Zoe Photography... I often joke that I married my husband for his sister. Being an only child I just love having a sister, someone to get my nails done with, someone to be girly with, the sister I always wanted. I simply adore the extended family I gained when I became a wife.

That's the way it is with Michael and Kristyn. It wasn't just Michael and Kristyn who were getting married, it was an entire family affair. The Berry's laughed with the Maiorca's. The Maiorca's cried along with the Berry's. There were hugs and tears and kisses for everyone and each family member greeted the other with open arms and warm hearts. It was incredible to see how these two families joined together all because two people fell in love.

It was a beautiful day on Boston Harbor and as Michael and Kiki said "I Do!", boats tooted their horns and people cheered while music played across the water. It seemed like the entire city of Boston was celebrating with them.

From the Bride... Probably my favorite part of the wedding was the ceremony. I loved being out by the Battery Wharf in Boston, standing in front of the water, our friends and family surrounding us. A good friend of ours married us, an MIT professor and former housemaster of our undergrad dorm.

Mike is part Mexican and we used the Mexican coin ceremony “Las Arras” as part of our own ceremony. The groom gives the bride thirteen coins, but Mike had some of the coins handmade specially for us. One was a wooden coin. One side had the NY fire department symbol, and the other side had the Long Beach fire department symbol in dedication to my grandpa who was the NY firefighter. I loved that he had coins made to represent our own relationship.

We chose Norah Jones’ “Everybody Needs A Best Friend,” for our first dance. Not too slow, light-hearted, fun, silly... it describes our relationship well. We had a big group of people on the dance floor till the very end of the night, and between mingling with people, Mike and I were out there dancing for a lot of it too! My last memory from the night was Mike dipping as we were encircled by friends and family while the last song played!