Eiffel Tower Wedding Highlight Film
January 16, 2014
DestinationSpring Weddings
If you're not ready to swoon today, you might want to navigate away from this page. But I strongly suggest you don't. Clear your schedule, and cozy in because this highlight film from Lifestage Films is one that will make you as happy as you possibly could be today.

From the cinematographer... Matt and Lisa are two professional wedding photographers who met by chance one day and found an immediate connection. Lisa had always dreamed of going to Paris, and her dreams came true in more than one way when she married the love of her life, Matt in sight of the Eiffel Tower at the St. James Hotel. The ceremony included only the couple, the photographer, videographer, and enraptured on-lookers who thought they were famous! They celebrated with the tradition of adding a personalized lock to the Ponts des Arts, throwing away the key in the river, and took a boat cruise that ended with a spectacular light show!

Some of the highlights of the wedding was the bouquet Lisa made herself from flowers she bought from a roadside vendor, the photo shoot that took place all over the streets and squares of the city, and Lisa's diamond encrusted mini camera!