Tented Meadowood Resort Wedding
January 10, 2014
United States
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I knew from the second I opened this beautifully relaxed, fun and inviting wedding it was a Scott Corridan Design production. It had the perfection that is ever present in Scott's work, and you can see just how happy and laid back the stunning couple are through Viera Photographics' images of the day.
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From the stunning bride... Gordon and I officially met in January of 2008 at a party in NYC. Our lives were bound to cross paths as we had many things in common before that first meeting. First off, we are from the same small town 45 minutes north of the city. Due to our age difference we never met in Chappaqua but we grew up about two miles apart. Secondarily, I worked with his sister at my first job after college. Lastly, and the real way we met was because my sister was good friends with a good friend of Gordon’s and he was the one who brought Gordon to the party in 2008. I recognized him immediately from his sister's wedding pictures and we began talking. I mentioned to my sister that I thought he was cute but really thought nothing more of it. Flash forward to a year and a half later to Labor Day weekend 2009 in the Hamptons where we ran into each other at a local happy hour spot. We started chatting and Gordon told me he was going to text his sister that we were together. He showed me the text he composed to his sister which said "guess who I am with-hint: my future wife.” I was flattered and charmed. Over the next four months Gordon texted me and tried to make plans.... to no avail. I finally gave in in January and agreed to a coffee date during work hours, keeping things as casual as possible. We agreed to go out to dinner that weekend and have been together ever since. Two years later he proposed and seven months after that we had the most beautiful magical romantic wedding.

I wanted a wedding that had a rustic/vintage feel without being kitschy. I wanted it to feel romantic and inspired by the outdoors without seeming contrived. When we arrived at Meadowood, both my husband and I were completely in love with it. It feels like you are entering an enchanted forest or a summer camp for adults. I loved the way the rooms were set up in the hills and that there wasn’t one large hotel structure. We knew we wanted to get married in Napa and have our friends join us on a fun destination wedding weekend, but Meadowood was the biggest and best surprise of all. It truly felt like we had found a secret.

The overall look and feel and feel of the wedding was really romantic. Scott Corridan and I worked very well together and I informed him how important I thought lighting was (who knew I would think that!) and he did everything in a soft yellow light that was amazing. The lights strung up in the tent were magical and just what I wanted. The evening was a combo of magic and romance I’d say. I wanted all white flowers but Scott and my family convinced me that a pop of pink dispersed in the whites would be gorgeous and it really was. The feeling was beyond joyous. The toasts were amazing and elicited tears and laughter from all the guests.

The reception was amazing if not extremely hot. My sweet groom shed quite a few tears as I walked down the aisle and then proceeded to make the crowd weep as well. The reception was amazing. Wonderful toasts by the Maid of Honor--my sister, the Best Man--Gordon’s high school roommate, and our parents. The party definitely got crazy towards the end of the night with an unexpected hora (we were trying to keep religion out of the wedding as we are not religious/come from different backgrounds) and Gordon crowd surfing at the end of the night was a priceless moment. I am both sad and happy that the photographers had departed already for that one…

The most memorable part of the day? Marrying my best friend! Walking down the aisle and seeing Gordon’s face covered in tears and how happy and proud he looked is a moment I will not soon forget. Also, a friend had suggested we steal away just for two minutes to look in on our wedding from the outside. That was amazing advice--looking at our vision for this magical perfect day come to fruition was so special and moving.
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