Centennial Parklands Engagement
January 10, 2014
New South Wales
The perfect start to the weekend?  This pretty little engagement session from Kristy Toepfer.  Because if anything says "super-awesome Friday," it's this smiling duo and their love-filled shoot in Centennial Parklands.  In other words, it's the world's sweetest engagement session, filled to the brim with gorgeous scenery and uber-happy moments.  See them all right here.
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From Kristy Toepfer... It had been raining heavily for at least a week by the time the engagement photography session rolled around for Charles & Erin. Even on the morning of the shoot it was looking gloomy and threatened to pour any minute. Despite that, we grabbed a few umbrellas and headed out anyway - and the transformation was pretty amazing. The sun came out to shine for these gorgeous two and we had a lovely afternoon strolling around the Centennial Parklands in Sydney.

I can't wait for their elegant wedding in Sydney at the end of 2014!