Palm Beach Engagement
January 8, 2014
It doesn't get more adorable than this couple and their squeal-worth engagement session snapped up by Captured Photography By Jenny. If you are looking for a way to add a little pep in your day, their proposal story is sure to do the trick, and you can top it all off with all the pretty in this gallery. It's the recipe for a smile-filled day.
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About the proposal...Christy went to school at PBAU with Meg who transferred to Regent, where she met her husband Jordan, who is best friends with Derrick. So when Meg and Jordan married in August 2011, Derrick walked Christy down the aisle. Little did they know they'd be doing this again!

About 2 years after Derrick and Christy met, they decided to get pedicures, which inspired a scheduled "best friend" Saturday. Christy woke up feeling awake and happy, which is not an every day occurrence, and was strangely inspired to work out, which is a never day occurrence. Working out for Christy means dancing around a room to music. In the middle of this activity, she received a text message from Derrick saying "How did you sleep? Did your pillow feel a little more lettery than usual?" Dazzled by his wit and charm (Derrick's narration here), she ceased her dance work out and raced back to the bed upon which she had slept. She tossed pillow looking for said letter. No letter! Finally, she found it. (It had fallen behind the bed. She must have slept-punched it.) It contained many words of love and admiration. (Christy continues) She was overjoyed by the combination of hilarious and meaningful references as well as the specific declarations of appreciation and love from Derrick. It made her heart melt!

Speeding things along....She thought it might be the day, so she took time doing her hair and painting her nails.. But also had a moment with Jesus where she surrendered the day and timing of a proposal she knew was coming soon. Derrick picked her up with a packed picnic lunch and drove her to Krug park, the very first place they had (together) walked on a FROZEN POND! They ate the yummy food, drank the lemonade. Derrick wanted to wash the glasses in the pond, but Christy advised against. (Gross.) But he made her giggle and laugh walking down to the water and entering the Geese's secret circle. (They had formed a circle on the rocks and literally looked like a council and so he squatted down next to them.. haha)

Next it was finally time for the pedicure, all the way in Kansas City. So they took the hour drive to the city joking and singing and laughing and loving all the way.The pedicure place was actually a really wonderful experience! They kept asking Derrick what color he wanted and he kept replying "just looking to get my feet scrubbed." Christy laughed a lot! And realized that Derrick must actually be in love with her. Once their callouses were removed and their toes trimmed, they started to make their way back to St. Joseph.

Up until that point, the couple had been part of a project 52 which requires one creative art project per week. (They have since dropped out of this project... Since they are getting married. Why are they speaking in 3rd person.) Anyways, Derrick asked Christy to model in the photo he was hoping to do that week, which he wanted to take place in a park. They had seen a park off the highway on the way over, so they headed to the very spot. Now it should be noted that at this point, Christy had started to pent up some SERIOUS suspicions that this might actually be the day! But when Derrick asked for help on his project, she lost a little hope. When they reached the gate to the park, they found that it was closed. (Apparently it was a ball park only open during game hours.) They decided to investigate a possible back entrance. So they hopped back on the highway and exited where the back would be.. only to stumble onto a strange abandoned work space that reminded Christy of where shuttles take off at NASA. They turned the corner and saw two live wild turkeys that suddenly split directions. Have you ever seen a wild turkey run? Anyways, there was definitely not an entrance in the back.. seeing that Derrick was discouraged, Christy suggested they just go back to the real entrance, park the car and walk by foot to the playground.

After a quick water break (Derrick was feeling a little faint), they did just that. When they got to the playground, Christy waited for Derrick to direct her. He scoped the playground out and eventually asked her to sit on the top of the tube side, almost nestled in the corner. (He was looking for a place for shade, but of course she was thinking... this is going to be the strangest vantage point.. but she would give him space to impress her.) Derrick directed her to look up and over her right shoulder while he very very sneakily climbed up next to her carrying a laptop and said "Before we take the picture, I need you to watch this." At that point, all the suspicions Christy had earlier flooded back in again. She knew. Derrick opened the laptop and pressed play. And the first line "This is where it all began" played. Then it stopped. Then Derrick's heart stopped. Then it played again. And it stopped. About 5 times. Christy laughed nervously, while Derrick just stared at the screen pressing keys until finally it played! It was lovely!

A seven minute perfect myriad of sentiments, favorite quotes- including one on living as children which is what inspired the playground location for the proposal- hilariousness, cleverness, dancing, and even so many of the people Christy loves! She cried and cried. And her heart was bursting! Then Derrick said, "you have to stand up!" And without falling down the slide, she stood up. And he got down on one knee, pulled out the box, opened it and said "Will you marry me?" A few seconds and then. "Yes!" And then lots of hugging happened. It was happy! And that's how he popped the question.
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