Getting to Know Love & You Video
January 8, 2014
Love & You Video has been known to steal our hearts on more than one occasion, it's true. The sweet duo behind the lens (Matthew and Inese) have made us laugh, made us cry and they've summed up love in the sweetest of wedding films. Today, we're chatting it up with this lovely LBBer and we're breaking out the kleenex for not one, but TWO tear-jerkers.

From Love & You VideoEvery wedding that we film is special, but there was something that we will remember forever from the wedding of Ana & Jason. What made this wedding so special was the look on Jason's face when he first saw Ana walking down the isle towards him. Jason is in the U.S. Air Force and due to his work schedule, he did not see Ana for over 3 months before their wedding. They had a rehearsal dinner with their families the night before the wedding and Jason even wore a blindfold just to ensure his first look of Ana would be on their wedding day. It was definitely worth the trouble and the months of waiting! The emotions that Ana and Jason displayed were spectacular and we felt so lucky to be capturing it for their wedding film. In their video, you can see the happiness and joy in both of their faces as Ana walked down the aisle towards Jason. It was truly a beautiful sight to see and we are so glad they have this moment on video and they can relive it and share it with family and friends.
From Love & You Video… Caroline & Thad are a true match made in heaven. They met though and after multiple emails and phone calls they went on their first date. It went very well and Thad even asked a waiter to snap a photo of two of them together, saying that one day the grandchildren will love to see this picture. The rest is the history, these two lovebirds got married on October 19th, 2013 in Temecula and we are absolutely sure that they will live happily ever after. We couldn't be happier for them and love this little love story that we created for them, it really shows how much they respect and cherish each other, we are certain that their children and grandchildren will love seeing this video one day too!

SMP: What is Love & You Video and how did you get your start as the amazing hubs and wife team that you are?
L&Y: I (Matthew) studied film & video production along with commercial photography while growing up in Southern California. In 2005 I relocated to NYC and began shooting with clients ranging from Mercedes Benz, to Johnson & Johnson, to Seventeen Magazine. After falling in love with our own wedding video, I set out to create beautiful videos for other couples that were getting married. I knew I couldn't do it all on my own, so, I sought out help from the most important person in my life, my wife Inese.

Together we developed Love & You Video. A boutique studio which captures weddings in a cinematic, modern way. We began shooting weddings in the NYC area and quickly developed a style that many brides in the Tri-State area liked and sought after. This has lead to a couple of busy wedding seasons on the East Coast. Our work has expanded and in 2013 we began a new adventure with their relocation to Southern California. Along with filming weddings in Southern California we plan to film more international weddings as well.

SMP: Can you tell us a bit about your process? What can brides and grooms expect?
L&Y: When a bride and groom work with us, they can expect to experience a very smooth and easy process. We approach each wedding with the goal of getting beautiful video footage while staying as unobtrusive as possible. So many of our past clients have mentioned that guests at their wedding did not even realize the couple had a videographer until they see their wedding film. Also, we know that each couple is different and their wedding is very special to them so we really look for the small details and moments that will really make their wedding film unique to them.

SMP: Of all the weddings you've shot, what is your favorite wedding moment you've captured?
L&Y: There are so many amazing moments during a wedding, but there is one moment that is always very special.  For us, it is when the couple does their own vows or when the couple does a toast at the reception. Sometimes it can be every word that is said that will melt your heart, or it can be just one sentence that the groom says. But it is at that moment, you can really see the love between them and for us to capture these words on video is truly special.