DIY Flower Headdress
January 8, 2014
Floral headdresses seem to be all the rage these days, and for good reason - they are gorgeous. We've seen them on everyone from Brides to flower girls, and whoever gets lucky enough to don such a pretty little headpiece automatically goes up at least five style levels. So when Erin of Rosehip Flora told us she'd show us how to whip one up, were were all ears. Oh! And there is so much more pretty captured by Julie Cope Photography right here.
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From Erin Knipp for Rosehip Floral...Flower crowns and headpieces have been popular for a good while now and itʼs easy to see the appeal of wearing flowers in your hair. They are romantic and dreamy and depart from oneʼs day to day reality. We decided to take on the flower crown phenomenon by shooting a DIY piece on how to make a floral headdress. Something a little more bold and a little more graphic than what is usually out there. I decided to work with a variety of plants to create this look instead of the typical floral options for flower crowns. I also supplemented with some dried elements to give more depth and interest.


I started by using an elastic headband and secured it to a millinery headpiece called a buckram frame.

Next I began wiring the plants either whole or in pieces to floral wire and then wove them into the buckram frame. The placement of the plants was a fairly organic process. I knew what shape I wanted the headdress to take and placed pieces based on this idea but other elements inevitably start filling in and making decisions for me. This construction is a bit heavier on mechanics but still quite similar to building a floral arrangement in a vase.

I finished with the orchid spray as it was the most delicate and completed the look with a color punch.