Relaxed Stryker Sonoma Winery Wedding
January 8, 2014
United States
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Let's face the facts, California was made for winery weddings in sunset hues. The light is perfect for sweet lovebirds. And Sabine Scherer Photography was born to capture all the beauty that is a California winery wedding and make us all fall in love.
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From the stunning bride... I am not the kind of girl who has been planning her wedding since she was little. In fact, the only two things I ever really knew about my wedding was that (1) it would be somewhere outside, and (2) Mark would be the groom. Needless to say, Style Me Pretty was immensely helpful in creating my vision, so thank you for your daily wedding inspiration!

Our wedding was stunning, but natural. It was elegant, but relaxed. Our wedding was a true expression of us as a couple, and of the loving and supportive community that surrounds us. Mark and I grew up in the same town in the San Francisco Bay Area, so we are lucky that our families were already close and we share friends from all stages of our lives. That set a truly special tone for our celebration.

Right after we got engaged, Mark and I knew we wanted to get married at Stryker Sonoma Winery. We had been wine tasting there many times over the years and our personal connection to the winery made the venue that much more special. Plus, the natural beauty of the place is unmatched.

From the beginning, Mark and I agreed on what was most important to us – we wanted great food, great wine, and great company in a beautiful outdoor setting. We wanted a classic and elegant wedding, but we wanted it to be comfortable and relaxed. We wanted everyone to have fun!

Throughout the wedding planning process, we stayed aligned with our vision while working out the details. We chose a family style dinner because it promotes great conversation, and we decided on a dessert bar because neither of us are big fans of cake. We ordered “dancing shoes” because we love to dance, and we booked a photo booth because we wanted to capture hilarious moments. I designed many personalized elements, and even managed to create three chalkboard signs.

Every detail about our wedding day exceeded my expectations. Our guests raved about the caprese, the beef tenderloin and the fresh ravioli from Alex’s Catering, and of course all of the Stryker Sonoma wine. The flowers were literally the most gorgeous arrangements I have ever seen. I told Maria Philbin, “I want roses, dahlias, and ranunculus in sunset hues,” and she created those masterpieces. The Sift cupcakes and macarons were such a treat, and the string lights casted a romantic glow over the reception. And Sabine Scherer Photography was phenomenal. The images are so
natural and stunning, and we are lucky that these photos are how we will remember our day forever.

This wedding was my vision, but it was our family and friends that set the tone for the celebration and it was the vendors that turned my dream into a reality. Thank you all!