Classic Chicago Engagement
January 6, 2014
You know what I really love? An e-sesh set amongst the Windy City. And while I could easily drool over Britta Marie's captures all the live long day, what gets me even more is this sweet couple's story. Not only are they fellow U of I alumni (Go Hawks!) but had the most darling cupcake shop engagement ever. Go pay a visit to full gallery and make sure to read it all in the bride-to-be's words below!
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From The Bride-to-be... Nick and I both grew up in Iowa about 30 minutes from each other, but it wasn't until later into our teen years that we met. The "diamond" (the dirt filled one) is what ultimately brought us together. Nick and I met at Diamond Dreams Baseball and Softball Academy in 2004. I was there practicing with my softball team and he was working and in charge of scoring our "hits". Little did I know he was asking my coach's wife if I was available! Unfortunately, things did not work out and we went on to live our separate lives, BUT not for long... Fall of 2005 I took my official visit to the University of Iowa. When I finally decided to verbally commit, I walked down to the concession area to deliver the news to my high school coach. As I was talking on the phone I looked up and there was Nick standing by himself with a HUGE smile on his face! We got to talking and then I told him that I had just committed to the U of I...he didn't stop smiling. Being that he was playing baseball and I would be playing softball, I knew we would cross paths many times throughout college and well, let's just say that once again, the "diamond" (this time a sparkly one!) has brought us back together, forever. The rest is history! :)

The Proposal: Since my 25th birthday was a Wednesday we decided to celebrate the weekend prior with our families. We were just looking to go out for a casual dinner and maybe have some drinks after. Well, that was the plan... Around 4:30pm on Saturday, December 1st, my mom called and told me that she ordered cupcakes from Molly's Cupcake Shop downtown Iowa City as a sort of a surprise (being that I am a total cupcakeaholic!) for my birthday, but something came up and they wouldn't be able to make it there in time to pick them up. So, Nick and I said we would stop by on our way to dinner.

As we walk in and talk to the owner about picking up the cupcakes, she tells us that she doesn't have the order, but they may be in the back. As she went to the back to get them, to my surprise my parents, Nick's parents, two of his siblings and his brother's gf come walking out yelling "Happy 25th birthday!" I was very surprised and kept thinking how sweet it was that they were there. We all got to talking and then soon after mom said, "did you really think that I was going to have you pick up your own cupcakes?" I was still a little confused, but just figured it was all for my birthday. Then my mom yells, "Well, let's bring out the cupcakes!" There is a small hallway in the back of Molly's so I was trying to figure out who was walking down it with the immediately came to me, it was my sister!!!! I could not even believe it! WHAT WAS SHE DOING HERE!? At this point you can imagine I was bawling and shaking all at the same time. I watched her set the cupcakes on a table and then many hugs were to follow.

Finally she said, "You really think I was going to miss your 25th birthday? You should open up your cupcakes!" So, I tried to gather myself (which did not happen at all) and walked over to open the cupcake box...I opened them up and they spelled out, MARRY ME? I looked at Nicholas and he said, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?" Of course I said, "YES! YES!" Right after the proposal I turned to our families and still couldn't believe it!!! I looked at my sister one more time and Nick then told me he flew her in for the surprise! After holding the ring about 5 minutes I finally took a look at it and found out that he custom designed it! It is absolutely stunning...the entire moment took my breath away (insert sighs). It was literally the "sweetest" engagement and a moment I will surely never forget!

Chicago Engagement Pics: A few weeks before we got engaged, I had been in touch with an acquaintance from college, Britta Hundertmark, who had just started her own photography business based in Chicago about possibly taking pictures for a stylized shoot for my side styling business. After looking at her work, I was simply in awe! I simply loved all of her work. Then a few weeks later when Nick proposed, Chicago was the first city to come up so I quickly got a hold of Britta to see if she would be available to take our photos! Our anniversary is mid-September and the past two years we have planned a weekend getaway to Chicago to celebrate. We both love the city and all that comes with it, so it was a quick decision to get our pictures taken downtown Chicago. We couldn't have asked for a better day! The weather was absolutely perfect and we had an absolute blast with Britta. We can truly say we walked away with some wonderful memories and a fabulous new friend! :) I truly think it was almost a sign that Britta got a hold of me a few weeks before we got engaged because it surely seemed like booking Britta Marie Photography was meant to be!