Christmas Cedarwood Wedding
December 24, 2013
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Okay, truth be told, this isn't a Christmas wedding. It's a 1940's, Old Hollywood inspired wedding, but you're about to see exactly why I've been saving it for today. It's filled with magic (thanks to Cedarwood Weddings) and that magic is perfect for a special day like Christmas Eve. Jenna Henderson captured it all - from the stunning invites from Designs in Paper to the candlelit reception under the stars.
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From the stunning bride... My idols are Doris Day, Natalie Wood and Audrey Hepburn. Their music and films were the foundation of my childhood. I am a romantic and value the power and emotion they can evoke. I love to sing, bake and indulge in a great bottle of wine. Nick is in graduate school at Vanderbilt, pursuing a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. He is a rational thinker that values vintage and classic things proven to stand the test of time.

We met six years ago while pursuing our undergraduate degrees. Over time, we became casual acquaintances, and I mentioned to Nick that I was having trouble keeping up in a calculus class. Being the mathematically-oriented guy that he is, Nick worked out a tutoring arrangement. Nick shares, “Around the third or fourth tutoring session, I realized that Lauren didn’t really need tutoring, and was actually quite capable at calculus. I also found that I was starting to look forward to those early-morning tutoring sessions more and more as the semester wore on, so I tried to keep them going.” Little did Nick know, I already had an A in the class and our "tutoring sessions" were simply a way for me to see him on a regular basis! Eventually, we began to find all sorts of excuses to be at the same places at the same time and one thing lead to another, and we fell in love. In the course of one year, our relationship went from typical to long distance when Nick started graduate studies at Vanderbilt and I moved over a thousand miles away to pursue a Master’s degree in Connecticut. The distance apart was difficult, which is to be expected, but because of it, we realize that we were made for each other and should never take our love and time together for granted. Four years later, we were engaged to be married with plans to make Nashville our home.

Instead of a large wedding, we chose to have one solely focused on our commitment to each other. We fell in love with the elegance and rustic charm Cedarwood offers, and the fact that this venue caters custom designs events for couples who wish to walk away from their wedding feeling excited, stress-free, and with beautiful memories and photographs.

My personal style is classic, with simple silhouettes and fun accessories, and I love finding ways to add color, whether it's an occasional electric blue skirt or red shoes, to keep my style fun and vibrant. At the same time, I also love pearls and classic design, for their simplicity and elegance. We wanted to be married outside with a natural backdrop where we will exchange our own personally-written vows and a place with lots of character developed over time. Nick and I are determined to be together for the rest of our lives, so it is symbolic to be married in a place that reflects those same qualities. Cedarwood is a stately antebellum estate with the dignity and beauty of a historic landmark.

I wanted a wedding with a1940s-inspired vintage Hollywood theme. The staff at Cedarwood went out of their way to add touches of this theme throughout all of the decorations. The walkup from the parking lot was a red carpet, the guest book was a repurposed film reel, and paper goods, cake and almost every detail fit our taste, and Cedarwood made sure to incorporate lots of personal touches to the celebration. It exceeded all of my expectations. Everything was well executed, and that is really what made the day. It was easy, beautiful and fun.