Snow Valley Lodge Wedding
December 20, 2013
North America
Ask anyone I know and they'll be sure to tell you one thing: I adore rustic weddings.  Mason jars, wildflowers, wooden centerpieces... it's enough to make my heart sing.  But throw in a couple as sweetly awesome as this stylish duo, fab paper goods from Minted and a little romantic drizzle and, well.  There are no words, people.  See it all captured beautifully by Devic Fotos right here.
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From the Bride... From the moment David and I got engaged I knew I wanted a wedding that reflected us as a couple. Something woodsy, botanical, nostalgic, and a hint of vintage. This called for lots of projects but with the help of my friends and family, I could say I had the wedding of my dreams.

I started with the big three - venue, photographer, and florist. I didn’t want a reception flooded with decor so you could say I was picky about the venue. I wanted a beautiful venue where I could incorporate simple, minimal decor that emphasized the beauty of the venue itself. And guess what? I found the perfect one! Snow Valley Lodge had beautiful open beam ceilings, stone fireplaces and big bright windows - amazing! We hung globe lights from the beams which gave the venue and even more romantic, warm feel. I’m so glad we found it.

Second was the photographer. This was something I was being EXTRA picky about. If I could give one word of advice to brides planning their wedding now is to never “settle” on a photographer. Your photos are all you’ll have after your big day. Needless to say, I searched, and searched, and searched again and finally fell upon the astounding Dzesika Devic from Devic Fotos in Toronto, ON. Her nostalgic feel mesmerized me and was exactly what David and I were looking for. Her and her husband were beyond amazing to work with and I’m proud to say they’re now our close friends. They captured the whole day beautifully.

The flowers were also very important to me. I wanted a natural, wild, and very textured look. Basically, I wanted my centre pieces to look like I walked through a field of wild flowers, picked them, and plopped them in some jars (but with some structure of course). Dasee Floral Boutique did exactly that for me. Every arrangement was perfection. I was particularly thrilled with my floral crown they made for me - so earthy and delicate! It was my favorite part!

The following months consisted of many DIY projects. One of my favorites being our tree rounds for the centre pieces. It turned into a project with my dad and I loved that he was able to help me with that.The tree we got was covered with knots making each cut a totally different shape. We sanded them, varnished them, and voila! They were beautiful and unique and the flowers and the little gold mountain animals I spray painted looked amazing on them. Our biggest project, though, had to be our photo wall we built for the photo booth and it was so worth all the time and effort! Our guests had a blast getting their photo taken with fun props. Everything else was DIY from the signage to the garlands to the table letters to the vintage plate stands to the window pane table charts and so on. My husband was a huge help with every project, he always wanted to be involved.

But I was VERY proud when David used his carpentry skills and made the stand for our “cake” except we didn’t have a cake. Believe it or not, David and I don’t like cake so we substituted with one of our favourite desserts - Portuguese custard tarts! A whole tower of them! They were a hit (and we saved a load of money).

Music is a huge part of our life, so we decided to incorporate that love of music into our wedding favours and made everyone a mixed CD of a few of our favourite love tunes with a personalized message on the front of the sleeve. They were a perfect reflection of David and myself and that's what I wanted my guests walking away with - something memorable that won’t be tossed away. I hope they will be kept forever.

There were so many memorable moments of the day. Crying with my girls the morning of the wedding as I gave them their gifts and thank you letters, watching my mom drink everyone's mimosas in the morning (I guess she was just as nervous as I was), seeing the look on my dad's face when he saw me for the first time (it was the first time seeing my dad cry), laughing and crying all at the same time as we watched the surprise slideshow my parents put together for us at the reception, using my dads ’71 Triumph GT6 as our wedding car, and so many other fun memories. But most of all, celebrating with all of our dearest friends and family. Watching everyone talking and laughing and dancing was the most joy I’ve ever felt in my life; and right beside my best friend and the love of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.