Terminal City Club Wedding
December 18, 2013
North America
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Truth be told, this wedding had my heart from the get-go.  Because as a ballroom bride with a love for the classics, this Terminal City Club wedding reminded me a little of my own. Of course with Ken Tan and Tala Florist Design on the job, it was bound for nuptial perfection, and if you love what you see, you can swoon EVEN more right here.
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From the couple... We had actually known each other for years before we started dating. We were first introduced as friends in 2007 at a mutual friend’s birthday party. After three years of bumping into each other at our friend’s birthday parties at hitting it off famously every time, we decided not to wait a whole year to see each other again. In summer of 2010, we went out for a friendly cheesecake at Cheesecakes Etc and realized there was something more than just a friendship here.

On August 8th 2012, Galen came home early from work, got our dog Marky to lure Ayda downstairs and dropped to one knee on the floor of our living room. We had actually shopped for the ring together, but Galen had pulled some strings to pick up the ring early and on an auspicious day in Chinese numerology (8/8). Much facebooking, photo-taking, and telephoning with the family filled the rest of the evening.

Probably the best part of planning our wedding was digging into all the details and realizing that we actually have almost all the same tastes and see eye to eye on a lot of things. And we got to hang out and work on a project together. It was like an extended version of assembling the barbeque we bought the year before (which for many couples might be a chore, but for us was like being in front of an ATM that’s spitting out hundred dollar bills)

We looked extensively through our vendors’ portfolios and did a lot of research using reputable sources like Wedluxe and TheKnot.com, but when it came down to it, our main criteria was that we wanted to work with vendors that we wanted to work with. Every single vendor we brought on to the team is someone that we’d go have a coffee or a drink with.

Our biggest priority was creating a wedding that represented us. Both of our cultures are imbued with traditions, but it was important for us to make our wedding a carefully-mixed cocktail of the things that told the story of what we’re all about while still paying respects the things that brought us together.