Planning a wedding equals tons of receipts, that’s a known fact; add in the holidays and it’s a recipe for shopping chaos! Lucky for all of us, there’s Ziploop  — the mobile shopping organizer app that makes paper-free shopping, saving and return a total cinch!

Not only does Ziploop allow you to easily organize and store all of your receipts at your fingertips, but it also saves reward cards, discounts, return deadlines and member cards making sure you never miss a sale or discount! Planning a wedding and holiday shopping at once? No worries, my dears, Ziploop lets you tag your receipts and rewards under categories (think “wedding” or “gifts”) so you know exactly what you’ve purchased! If you’re anything like me, you’re always forgetting to tote around that coupon to your favorite store, but with Ziploop, you simply scan it in so it’s with you at all times! This, SMPers, is a total game changer.

Whether you’re keeping your wedding spending organized or keeping all your holiday gift receipts in one place, Ziploop will take the stress out of shopping and returning! Head over here to watch a quick video on how life can be made easier with this amazing app, and then download it for free on your mobile device (iPhone/iPad or Android) or head to the website.