Rustic Edmonton Wedding
December 12, 2013
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You know what I love about this wedding?  Well, other than the fact that it's drop-dead gorgeous and the bride is a planning wizard?  It's cozy.  It's cozy and beautiful and filled to the brim with rustic meets awesome details that have the ability to make your heart sing.  In other words, it's the perfect Canadian wedding, all set against a breathtaking Edmonton backdrop and captured in amazing images by La Brisa Photography.  See them all in the full gallery.
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From the Bride... For a living, I plan events. Mainly conferences and meetings, but in the past have also done weddings. Because of this, everyone kept saying that we would have the most amazing wedding ever and it really started to put added pressure on me. My groom had two big concerns with the wedding: the food and the booze. The rest he left into my hands, reminding me to just stay within budget.

The two of us have some unique interests and hobbies and I decided to play off those for the wedding. Our venue really set the scene on its own and lent into the theme and feel of the wedding. I am a born and raised farm girl, and showing cattle is a passion very close to my heart. We have our own herd of beef cows and although they could not be there with us, the idea of them needed to be incorporated into the wedding. My husband is very involved with hockey and coaches power skating camps. Since we are both avid hockey fans we also wanted this to be infused into the wedding.

We tried to get as much of the planning done as soon as possible. Venue, photographer, caters were all booked over a year in advance giving us our first pick of vendors. Tackling a few tasks each month made the planning not as overwhelming as everyone had said, and even made it enjoyable the last few months leading up to the wedding.

A couple of our vendors were real rock stars when it came to the services that they offered:

Photographers: La Brisa Photography is like a best kept secret, except you want to tell everyone about them. B and Autumn were amazing to work with, and because they were coming from the USA, we had a few growing pains along the way insuring that they would make it across the border. Regardless, both ladies made it and were such a joy to be around. You can feel the love that these ladies have for their clients, and their work. They want to not only get the best shots, but they want you to enjoy the process of taking them and have something to really treasure at the end of the day. At the end of the night we were able to see 10-20 pictures which was a great surprise, and not even 1 week after the wedding they had 150 images for us to look through. 

Caters: Food is such an important part of any function, especially a wedding. Being beef farmers ourselves, we had very high expectations when it came to the meat. The meal was a really big deal to my husband, so he was very particular when we were planning out the meal. His family is Ukrainian, so perogies and cabbage rolls were a must. People say that Elizabethan is the most caring caterer in the business, and I really felt that way. No question or favor was too big or small for them, they were open to changes, and suggestion, and everything was absolutely amazing!

Looking back on our day there is not one thing that we would have changed. Our advice for other couples would be to stick to your gut and not let others' opinions get in the way of your own. Make the day your own; family and friends will get in the way of some decisions, but at the end of the day it is your one chance to get married, so make it the best one day you can. And our last piece of advice is one that everyone says, but it is so true. Relax, don't stress, and enjoy the process. Being organized and staying on top of your tasks makes the world of difference. Don't try and do it all by yourself because you just can't. Friends, family members, and bridal party are always there to support and help, you just need to ask!